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im trying to make that sound...

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I'm terrible at those jungle/dubstep basses, but it sounds like a low-passed pulse (?) with a kind of slow decay on the filter envelope and little or no resonance, and an LFO whose rate is being adjusted is modulating the volume. Mabye tomorrow I'll see if those ideas get me anywhere close. Time for bed now.

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This is simple but you gotta grab it right reznik,


its one fat classic saw and sine. If there is no saw you can never get that sharp sound it makes, so you won't get it with just a sine. Its Well compressed, well EQ'd to bring out the low end (60-80 is what the sine adds), and there might be some kind of amp or distort on it to make it distinct.


The cutoff filter (or any cutoff filter layed on that synth) is being tweaked to get that wah wah dub sound. You can do this live with a http://www.psynews.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gifcontroller and then go in to polish it up and make the curves perfect.



// Dude that video is wicked, that puppet shows how to jive it bad like a politician.

Dubstep style.

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I'll be annoyingly picky and say that if the original was made with an MS-20, there's no sine wave component. That synth could produce triangle, saw and rectangle waveforms.


yeah you right, i got the ms-20 as vst instrument, but ive never used it so i had my problems trying to make that bass with the ms-20 vst.
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