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Remember ETNOSCOPE? They are not dead!


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Hey guys!



Those who released the album Drums From the Dawn of Time?

The band that used to make awesome tribal progressive trance music?

Those who used live drums and stuff during their sets?

Those who have been pronounced dead already quite some time ago?


They haven't released anything in ages, haven't even updated their website ... one could easily be led to believe that they are dead. Which even I did...


But they are still alive!

They still got an album ready to release!

And they are currently searching a label!


Where I have this info from? I just spoke to Liam, the guy behind InYourPhaze Mastering ... and he informed me of this. He is actually involved in that Etnoscope album to an extent ... so he knows what is going on.


What do you say about that?

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I hope it sees the light of day! The album has been rumoured for some years now... much like the next Son Kite album.


New Son Kite album? Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image that would make my month!! I'm tired of seeing how these guys (and other artists like Vibrasphere) just forgot about their roots, about good progressive, and dedicated completely to minilogue sound (i.e a more minimal technoish music)Posted Image


And new Etncoscope album, is welcome too. Posted Image

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Release it for free on Ektoplazm ;)


If noone wants to release it, and most people have forgotten about Etnoscope (I know I have kind of), free download can be good promotion

and re-introduction to new audiences.


As far as I know the guys have already been thinking about that ... but I would probably find it kind of non-fitting if they did it (and obviously it's not just me). I mean, not that I have the slightest thing against free releases, but I sorta think they deserve money for the stuff.

I'd love it if they made a free EP though, as a foremeal ... like Pusherstreet did ... that would be cool!


I think Etnoscope are playing on Boom as well.


Yep, this is correct. They are going to play during the opening ceremony as far as I've heard.

Would really be great if the new album would take shape aswell this year...


Let's keep our fingers crossed ;)

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Pass on my email if you don't mind... I'm a big Etnoscope fan from way back :)


yeah, I'll think of you when it eventually comes to that point...


But at the moment I find it only good that they are searching for a label that pays them. As I said, nothing against free releases, I love them ... but they deserve to get some monetary reward for their work.

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yeah, I really hope that they will do it this time...

it's been way too long ... they are already on our list of "dead" artists ... very bad


and you'll be the first one I recommend if they really decide to go for a free release :)

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