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Hip Hop Vocals Reverb

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Rap/Hip - Hop has almost no reverb present.

I wound go with a room - probably a bright room at less than -30 db

So almost completely dry.


Generally, you don't even hear the reverb in hip hop.

If you can get it, listen to Run-DMC's "Can You Rock It Like This" on the King of Rock album to hear other ideas that I like for vocals....

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I dunno about hiphop but my favorite reverb for vocals is for sure this And it's free :)


Lots of reverbs are good at creating realistic acoustic spaces which often sound very cold. It's harder to find a "warm" reverb which are usually the nicest for vocals imo but this one is pretty satisfying.


Here's a good setting for that rev (at least for my voice): Size ~20%, Brite ~65%, Wide ~50%, Mix ~40%, Noise ~0, Grain ~10%

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Just read in the Sound On Sound magazine that alot of producers don't really use much reverb on vocals at all. So I guess it doesnt matter that much. Just give it a very light feel of a room, but don't over do it. If at all. Or maybe find a hiphop production forum.


For most vocals, go with the old addage: less is more.


only gothic industrial is different

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