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Curious to see..........


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Im pretty sure that this has already been done before and that if it has someone will post the link here. Im just to lazy to look and wanted to start this thread. And to make it a bit more fun, how many releases from each label do you own? (from your own list of course)

Top ten for me hands down.


1. Suntrip-11

2. Ultimae-18

3. Glowing Flame-7

4. Timecode-6

5. Nano-8

6. Neurobiotics-7

7. Zenon-5

8. Manic Dragon-4

9. Sonic Dragon-4



So lets see which labels everyone else enjoys the most.

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I'm gonna leave the golden days labels outside (Dragonfly, Flying Rhino, Matsuri etc.)


Ok, let's go!


1. Timecode - 22 (I only miss 4. Best Psytrance label ever)

2. Nexus Media - 18 (I only miss 1)

3. MMD - 7 (All)

From then in random order

Trishula - 9

Digital Psionics - 14

Suntrip - 14

Yabai - 10

3D Vision - 15

Avatar - 19 (Re-releases inscluded)

Ultimae - 10

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I would really like to get more Zenon records. I only own Cujorius One - Creating A Second Sunm and it has grown heavently on me the last week (I've owned it for years). When finally it's genious hit me I had only one though, where to get more prog like this. Then the answer would of course be, Zenon Records!


My Top 10? Don't have one. :(




Twisted Records (13) / Dragonfly / TIP (7) / Flying Rhino / Solstice Music (5)

Shiva Space Technology (6)

YoYo Records (27) / HOM-Mega Productions (9) / Avatar Records (2)

Zenon Records (1) / Boshke Beats Records (1) / Horns & Hoofs Ent. (1)

Vertigo Records (5) / Dejavu (4) / Tantramm (1) / Osom

Ultimae Records (1) / Chill Tribe Records (3)

Tatsu Recording (3)

Suntrip Records (2)

Sundance Records (2)

Substance (4)

Sphere Records (4)

Sanaton Records (1) / Yggdrasil (3)

Revolve Magazine (6)

Psy-Harmonics (2) / Demon Tea Recordings (1)

Glowing Flame Records (3)

Exogenic Records (2)



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Amongst the living:

Ultimae (almost all)

Suntrip (all)

Iono (most)

Twisted Records

Aleph Zero

Cosmic Leaf (all)


Nexus Media


Else, from the good old days:


Flying Rhino

Spirit Zone



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The whole damn thing:


Ambivalent Records

Ad Noiseam


Alternative Tentacles

Ambivalent Records

City Centre Offices

Combat Rock Industry

Cosmic Conspiracy Records

Dakini Records

Delikatessen Records

Discovalley Records

Dragonfly Records

Equal Vision Records

Exogenic Records

Ghostly International

Gravity Plus Records

Havoc Records

Hymen Records

Iboga Records

Kellermusik Records

LSD - Liquid Sound Design





Nexus Media

Ninja Tune

Sanaton Records

Schlabbaduerst Rekkords

Sending Orbs


Suntrip Records

TIP Records

Twisted Records

Type Records

Ultimae Records

Virtual Musical Reality

Warp Records

Yggdrasil Records

Zaikadelic Records

Zenon Records

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Shame :( I forgot to mention Organic Records (2)


Especially because of this release and the ChillOut Cd which is maybe the best gathering of vintage psychill thefre is. + for the initiative by O. Rec to rais funds for the 2004 Tsunami victims. It was one of the most destructive in death and damaged and a lot of land areas surroounding the Indian Ocean got hit.. Thailand is turist based so the funding to aid the victimized was given there and many nations like sri lanka didnt get the help they needed. quote from disco: All profits & royalties donated to Tsunami Appeal. i I'm unsure of which fundation recieved the money from the sales of the benefit cd I think it was to a place that didnt get much media attantion, which is a nice thought and as i can remember reading 100% of the overskudd gikk to this case .


Posted Image


anyway and most importantly! The music is good B) all three cd's has charm, even though i was ignorant and too fast dismissed the two other cd's to be poor music.


I'm gonna buy one to my sister for christmas :) she's mentioned long time ago she wanted a copy.


+ it makes for fine decoration in the livingroom Posted Image



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that was great :lol:


anyway, the labels I own most stuff of are:


Spiral Trax (9 albums, 3 EPs)

Ultimae (7 albums)

Spirit Zone (6 albums, 2 EPs)

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Somnia (why doesn't anyone like them?) primarily because they're so organic in their thinking, partly also because i think they deserve respect for the music.

Aleph Zero, bringing in alot of diversity and they have a great user support, and they release alot of good albums

twisted - do i need say more?

insomnia / and tantrum

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