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Radioactive.Cake (digital) EP "PopArt" on Glitchy.Tonic.Records

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Radioactive.Cake digital EP "PopArt" out now...


available on Beaport

Beatport Link


available on Juno

Juno Link




Glitchy.Tonic.Records presents its first release of three deep, intelligent, some sort of minimal-progressive creations with a dark vibe. Inspired by a lot of australian electronic music, the Cake has developed a unique sound which people describe as quirky, groovy, somehow techy and with a touch of wilderness.



#1 Radioactive.Cake - Bones In Boxes

#2 Radioactive.Cake - Potato Bug

#3 Radioactive.Cake - Techyon


Check track "Techyon" on MySpace:




This EP is a start of a series of releases from your new psygressive horizon, "Glitchy.Tonic.Records"


cheers friends :D

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hey mate


there are no lossless files available for Iguana Lifestyle ? I'll have a talk to the label and keep you posted...I'd appreciate that too if they were offered as wave file !!!


the new PopArt EP will be available in a few days in different stores as mp3 and as wave 16bit 44,1 as well !


cheers mate and glad that you like the music :)


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