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Ziptnf - Magnetic Charge [electro house/psy]


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So I've been experimenting with a new sound lately. This mix bangs out some electro house, moving into some progressive psytrance with a hard electro tinge, and no Ziptnf set would be complete without a little bit of full-on at the end. :P


There were a few wonky transitions in there, some of the tracks were a tad unpredictable to mix, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways!


Ticon - Zebra Beat

True Lies - Don T Stop It

Barak - Evolution

Brisker & Magitman - Late Night Drive

Felguk - Galaxy Traveller

Duca - Snowman (Osher Remix)

Echtotek - Electro Buzz

Rocky - Boo Girl

Perfect Stranger - Stardust (Felguk Remix)

Toxical - Nutone

Anill - Elektro Bandit

Vibraddict - Electro Punch


Ziptnf - Magnetic Charge (67:34) 123 MB 256kbps

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