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Analog synthesizers connection to pc

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Sorry for my lack of knowledge but how do you connect analog synthesizers to pc(specifically roland sh-101)? I heard one way to do is through MIDI to CV converters, does anyone use them ? would really appreciate your help, cheers :)


Hi there.

What exactly is it you want to achieve?


1. To be able to record the sound into the PC? In that case just plug the audio out jack into to your audio-card and press rec :P


2. To interact the SH-101 into midi-enviorenment (play with midi notes)? I assume its this you wondering about. In that case, you need a few stuff. First of all if you dont have a midi-interface (can be just one in/out), then you need to get ont. Second, a CV-Gate coverter since SH-101 dont have midi. One I strongly recommend is: http://www.kentonuk.com/products/pro_solo.shtml

This transforms your CV/gate signals into midi-signal. Its quit easy procedure. And on that link you can read in more detail


These are your choices, unless you want to play everything "live" directly..


Hope this helps.

Take care / Jannis

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I would use something else to control midi with and just record the sweet sounds of your SH-101.

I guess you would need a CV converter to control the SH-101 with a computer controlled sequencer or DAW.

If none of this works for you, you can sell me the SH-101...

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