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Meteor Burn Labs

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Meteor Burn Labs - Professional Audio Mastering

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Please click on the banner for more informations !

Artist Bio :

MeteorBurn is a 2 member project, Sérgio a.k.a. Meteor & Xano a.k.a. Burn. In the year 2000 they went to a lot parties and they won a lot of contacts, which who taken a union of creativity to launch the project Meteorburn,so they started to make dark style in influences of : Ocelot, Electrypnose, Kasakta, Digital Talk, Irgum Burum, Parasense, Psychotic Micro, Ram , highko and others. Together they show to you a live set with many strong atmospheres, giving in that way a beautiful travel, with a sound really original. In Studio they have a Sony Vaio, an Asus, an Interface audio Terratec Phase 26, RME Multiface II, M-audio oxygen 8 and CME UF midi keyboard, Samson Resolv 80a and Alesis One Mk2 Active Monitors, TC PowerCore FireWire, Virus PowerCore, Clavia Nord Lead Rack 2x and Steinberg Cubase 5.

For contact & booking :

msn / email : sergio.chaves@sapo.pt / psy3dlive@hotmail.com

skype : meteorburn / losing.control

Welcome to Meteor Burn Labs !

Here you will find the best deal to get the special quality on your mix!
With our technique and ears your music will sound perfect on all sound system´s

Check Mastering Demo Samples !

We make demo for free !!! (cuted version)

After Clean Payment we send full job!

Working with label´s like :

-> Spun Records <-

-> Cosmo Sounds <-

-> Caffix Records <-

-> Geomagnetic.tv <-

-> Anomalistic Records <-

-> Digital Drugs Coalition <-

-> Goa Records <-

-> Multiplex Records <-

-> Power House Records <-

-> Hearts eye Records <-

And more coming soon ...

Meteor Burn Labs Webside :

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Meteor Burn MySpace :

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