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Flying Rhino back catalogue for free


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Yes, there were several topics here about this subject. The most infromative one is this - is flying rhino records coming back? (I created the link right to the official message left by the FR guys, quoted from Isratrance itself).


I was very curious about this myself and discovered about it simply by looking on FR profile at Discogs, where its been said that the former label is giving away most of its back catalogue for free.


The most valuable for me were Darshan's and Blue Planet Corporation releases.


When I went to "CD Albums back catalogue" page, I discovered that MOST of the songs are NOT downloadable! Hovewer, they all been actually uploaded as you can see for example at this link http://flyingrhino.co.uk/mp3/ (there are also many happy posts over net from people who have discovered this link).


Hovewer, the homepage of the website was "defaced" by a turkish hacker as it been saying. Which all was making the overall feeling about this been not very legal.


I then downloaded the BPC album in its Vynil version. As the CD one was unavailable for download from the front end.


Just few days ago I contacted BPC over myspace. And Gabriel (the band member) told me that he gave absolutely no permission to FR to distribute his records for free! And that after the label gets shut down, all the rights to the records come back to the author.


Also, at that time (few days ago) the homepage was still defaced. I also tried to contact FR with absolutely no response. I also wanted to continue the discussion here.. but then, finally, decided to forget about it.


But now, since the homepage is restored, it means there is a movement. So lets wait and see.

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What a missed opportunity. I've tried to approach them numerous times to do it right but the level of interest over there seems to be pretty low.



who exactly regrets to communicate ? james monro ?

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