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Va-Sunyata (Dharmaharmony Recs) – Rel Date 25 Sept, 2009

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VA ~ Sunyata :: Dharma Harmony


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Release date: 25th September 2009


Hailing from the torrid New Orleans bayou is USA based trance label Dharmaharmony Records. In a relatively short time, this label has skyrocketed to the top of the North American trance scene and has built an excellent reputation for itself, both in the quality and integrity of its artists as well as the quality and floor-pounding capacity of its releases. Having become a household name from coast to coast in the States as well as abroad, Dharmaharmony is presenting some of the best talent that the scene has to offer. One can expect nothing less from this label, whose artists tirelessly tour the country and whose music finds itself on party playlists across several continents.


Representing these virtues in exemplary form is Dharmaharmony's third release, "Sunyata". The name itself creates a concept of mutual interrelatedness along with an absence of self-identity through which communication can freely flow. Nine ego-pummeling tracks sculpted by artists from America, Russia, Japan and further grace this track list and provide a gaping auditory conduit of goodies across the globe. These tracks lie between, draw from, and defy the boundaries of classification, providing a sonic encryption that trance dilettantes of every colour can dig their eardrums and feet into. "Sunyata" is well slated to become a rocker that will tickle the senses of collectors, home listeners, and partygoers in scenes the world over.




1. 2012

2. Corrosive Vapors

3. Plow

4. Reunion

5. Leuvense Stoofpot

6. Identity Crisis

7. Baraka

8. Shadow Enuin

9. Iron Lung






The ultra-atmospheric beginning to this track makes for a stellar compilation intro. Uplifting layers of sound clouds curtain the panorama like solar flares. The bass beat currents pulsate and rhythmic percussion is superbly arranged into sharp ceilings of sonic stalactites. An ephemeral breakdown ushers in a second wave of neuron focusing delight which envelops and trains the psyche for clear dance floor communication.


Corrosive Vapors

American artist Dragon's addition features and improves upon his signature style of thick, chunky bass, mechanical effects, driving leads and heavy-hitting percussive elements. Flangelized mid-range riffs slice apart mental tapestries while subtly subconscious saw waves both cascade from above and grumble from below. Bass change-ups and sinister melodies realign your attentions and strip you of your perceptions.



This feral, full-moon stomper is sure to be a crowd favourite. Scope ratchets the tempo up a notch and hammers your ego away with a gripping baseline and liquid, elastic environmental effects. The echoed melodies are just right, and the alternations of spatial effects and driving rhythms send you into a state of foot-twitching selflessness. Scintillating, glassy bits and bytes are the acidic icing on this psychedelic cake.



Dribbling wetness and synaptic insinuations are the name of this track's game. Haunting vocal pads flutter through the background as evolving synth riffs prance about with the spidery stiff grace of a marionette. The undertow of the bass coupled with electric hits provides all the needed power to shock a dance floor to life. Outstanding use of rhythm and arpeggio top it all off in a sense-rattling medley of digital diversion.


Leuvense Stoofpot

A heavy duty steamroller of a track, "Stoofpot" is a high psychedelic journey through cosma both inner and outer. No time is wasted before glitchy lead sections, choral pad tapestries, and pitch-winding effect sections are in full swing, stripping self-awareness and environment and leaving only a vibrating body atop the dance surface. Delicious bass drops and rhythmic contortions make for refreshing mood changes.


Identity Crisis

Eitonin kicks the tempo up even further. Otherworldly dribblings and rumblings play against teams of alien grunts and whistles amongst gardens of staccato hammerings and chorus-drenched middle-frequency insinuations. The intensity builds with each passing bar and punctuations of breakdowns and rearrangements pave the way for new roads of soul-exploring musical mysticism.



A dark-tinged, edgy track from the outset, "Baraka" jumps straight into evolving bass chaos underpinning corrosive lead frequencies and burbling resonant synth contortions which wrap your psyche into bizarre, pretzel-like knots. Over seven minutes of energy building madness pump the dance floor with frenzied enthusiasm while brilliant arrangement of note and percussion paint hair-raising nightscape moods.


Shadow Enuin

Glassy spaceship melodies and extraterrestrial string sections open up into pounding, pulsating measures of synapse stretching bedlam. The bass and kick combination is a gut-punching foundation of tumult while the irregular high hats and upward-scaling riffs launch you into alternate mental dimensions. Foreboding discordian sounds flick the ego away like gnats and work your feet into frenetic patterns.


Iron Lung

An aptly named outro, this piece builds upward from near-silence into a breathtaking array of bass and ephemeral tapestries of sound. This is a track that really takes you places, with no bar being the same from one to the next and filled with new sonic delight in every moment. From the distorted saw waves to the melodic synchronicity of frequencies, Iron Lung is a maddening paradox of soothe and serration.



Worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesquedistribution.com |



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