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Va - Moto Perpetuo - [Mecd001] Out Soon !


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VA - Moto Perpetuo – Mind Expansion [MECD001]

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Artist : Various Artists 10 tracks
Title : "Moto Perpetuo"
Coverartwork : Ffransis Nomadic / ( www.nomadicortex.net )
Coverdesign : Miguel Barreto a.k.a. Vajra @ Buddha Mantra Studios
Genere : Psytrance
Format : Audio CD / Jewelcase
Length : 72:81 min.
Mastering : xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin )
Label : Mind-Expansion ( www.mind-expansion.net )
Releasedate : end of September / early October 2009
Release-ID : MECD001
Barcode : 9366977746800
Distributor : Saiko Sounds / ( www.saikosounds.com )


01. Lenz & Bombax - moto perpetuo 148bpm 07:02 min.
02. Sychotria - biological package 150bpm 07:18 min.
03. Peace KA - mindexpander 148bpm 06:27 min.
04. Coma Sector - pissing on my tree 152bpm 07:29 min.
05. Kybakeon - the way to 2012 155bpm 07:36 min.
06. Sushupti - Dr. Hope 156bpm 06:34 min.
07. Assault Junkies - testing 165bpm 07:25 min.
08. Mind Talkers - disturbed noises 154bpm 08:32 min.
09. Terratech - pride factor 152bpm 08:35 min.
10. Terranoise - shadow helix 152bpm 07:43 min.


72:81 min.

Release description:

"It is as if the Milky Way entered upon the cosmic dance.
Swiftly the brain becomes an enchanted loom, where millions of flashing
shuttles weave a dissolving pattern, always a meaningful pattern though never an abiding one; a shifting harmony of subpatterns."
Mind Expansion is proud to spread the first cd release "Moto Perpetuo" into the cosmos.
This powerfull music collection was only made for one reason: to make one shamanise!
The point where everything is completely unimportant EXCEPT the vibration! Let this sound resonance guide you through the compilation, listen carefully,
do not let anyone or anything distract you from the shaman dance! Let yourself go and do not stop until we have reached the end of the journey.
It is your choice! Do you want it ? Do you really want it ? It is too late now, welcome.

Moto Perpetuo equals the DMT space ship in space & time, creating mecalogical platonic spirits
which opens the cortex to multi dimensional universal view points, the liquid creation of life.

01.Lenz & Bombax - moto perpetuo 148bpm
written & produced by Guido Testone & Jan Hendrik Werner ( Italy/Germany ) 2009

02.Sychotria - biological package 150bpm
written & produced by Charles Cardoso Matos ( Brazil ) 2009

03.Peace KA - mindexpander 148bpm
written & produced by Thomas Piscalia ( Italy ) 2009

04.Coma Sector - pissing on my tree 152bpm
written & produced by Nicola Grigatti & Luca Barboni ( Italy ) 2009

05.Kybakeon - the way to 2012 155bpm
written & produced by Andrea Padovani & Tommaso Rovida ( Italy ) 2009

06.Sushupti - Dr. Hope 156bpm
written & produced by Helder Coutinho ( Portugal ) 2009

07.Assault Junkies - testing 165bpm
written & produced by Thomas Piscalia & Andrea Lunghi ( Italy ) 2009

08.Mind Talkers - disturbed noises 154bpm
written & produced by Adolfo Uiser & Dmitriy Matckin ( Brazil/Israel ) 2009

09.Terratech - pride factor 152bpm
written & produced by Igor JOão ( Portugal ) 2009

10.Terranoise - shadow helix 152bpm
written & produced by Maxim Galinov ( Israel ) 2008

...compiled by DJ Ant

mastering by xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin )

Coverartwork by Ffransis Nomadic, Coverdesign by Miguel Barreto a.k.a. Vajra @ Buddha Mantra Studios

Thanks to:

My girlfriend Kicca, my mother,my sister, Krehe & Schlumpi,my buddie Christoph,
Ffransis for his amazing artwork,
all my friends that are involved into Mind Expansion and of course all artists who participated in this fine release.
Without you guys, none of this would have ever been possible!

Special thanks to Becky a.k.a. Goaman for his neverending support and friendship.

"The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces"

2009 Mind-Expansion Music. All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance,
and broadcasting of the recording is prohibited.

For more information please click on the banner below :

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