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Stereographic Vs. Smoke Ship - “Audio Acupuncture”


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Stereographic vs. Smoke Ship - “Audio Acupuncture”
Mind Funk Records

Posted Image

Label: Mind Funk Records
Design: Pezoid & Tokay
Mastering: Random @ Geomagnetic Studios
Distribution: Beatspace
Cat No: MFR 003
Format: CD/Jewel Case
Release Date: 11th September 2009
Booking & Info: shawnodese@mind-funk-music.com / shawnodese@gmail.com
Website: Mind Funk Music (new website online soon!)
Samples on Beatspace : Click here !

Tracklist :

01 - Stereographic - Illusion Modes [7.40 / 145 BPM]
02 - Smoke Ship - Predator Squeak [6.57 / 145 BPM]
03 - Stereographic - Mistress Delia [6.36 / 146 BPM]
04 - Smoke Signal – Leuscalina [7.52 / 146 BPM]
05 - Stereographic - Techno Drama [9.12 / 148 BPM]
06 - Smoke Ship - Unknown Territory [6.47 / 151 BPM]
07 - Stereographic – Pandora [8.15 / 148 BPM]
08 - Smoke Ship - Hallucination Zone [7.29 / 150 BPM]
09 - Stereographic - Obscure Andreground [7.01 / 148 BPM]
10 - Smoke Ship - Full Protection [6.21 / 152 BPM]

Release Info :

After 3 years of taking a break in stormy and insecure times in the music world, Mind Funk is back with another mind-melting release. Stereographic and Smoke Ship, who are both residing in sunshiny Brazil, teamed up together to deliver a true masterpiece on which both artists showcase their very best tunes on this fresh shiny piece of plastic . Where Stereographic heads more toward deep thundering technoid & industrial influenced nighttime psytrance, Smoke Ship is more heavily influenced by the Scandinavian forest sounds of tripping trolls and panicking pixies. This split album is a well deserved and needed treatment of pure audio acupuncture for the overloaded and tortured brain in society as it is nowadays. A delicious sonic bubble bath for the mind, true shake-a-delic psychedelica at its very best, which is guaranteed to get every numbed brain cell and body limb refreshened and activated within a jiffy. We at Mind Funk headquarters totally trust in the fact, that once you heard this magnificent split album, your body, brain & booty will feel rejuvenated to the center of your very cell cores, this one’s bound to rip & zip your synapses up to high altitudes. We’re absolutely thrilled and going bonkers & banana over having these two superb artists added to our highly respected artist pool. Each and every track will hit you like a smack, stronger than ever….Mind Funk is back!

Artist Bios :


Stereographic is the project of André Santana Camargos, born on the 21st of June 1980. André has started his musical career at the very young age of 9 years, when he started studying the piano. At the age of 15 he started studying classical guitar on the side and a bit later continued with the electric guitar and bass guitar, mostly playing it in jam sessions with his friends when they used to make punk rock and heavy metal. In 2001 the psytrance virus caught André’s full attention which was also the same time he started to produce his first tracks, there was no time to be wasted.
Over the next couple of years his project took more and more shape and by 2004 he developed a strong personal identity which could be felt strongly throughout his tracks. Stereographic was one of the very first Brazilian psytrance acts to ever start producing and releasing music, with quite an impressive list of releases on various labels worldwide so far. His music ranges from deep, fat & slightly melodic morning & twilight sounds to his more powerful technoid night time tuneage. Quality wise, his productions stand out strongly from the masses; all of them are produced with manic skull-crushing kicks layered on top of massive thundering bass lines and true tales of psychedelica.
So far André had the pleasure to play on all the major festivals of Brazil, as well as on many outside his beloved country. Places such as Russia, Germany, Hungary, Bolivia and the U.K. are all on his playlist of the last few years or the following months to come and there’s more countries being added to this list very soon. We at Mind Funk are truly proud to have this new supernova aboard of our galactic spaceship and we’re sure you’ll this stark raving mad man will hit you like a thunderstorm!

More info: Click here

Smoke Ship:

Smoke Ship is a brand new project produced by Fernando Brigatto, also hailing from the magic lands of Brazil. Fernando was born on the3rd of May 1980. This fresh new project has been initiated during 2008, with the aim to bring some change to the monoculture of full-on/morning and progressive/electro artists in Brazil. The aim of the Smoke Ship project is to deliver something else, not the usual mainstream well known sound, but truly psychedelic music in the real true meaning of the word. High-quality music that manages to stand out from the masses, made with the purpose of making people dance in a fanatic frenzy all night long, all united in a deep induced state of trance.
Next to his live-project, Fernando has also been a psytrance DJ since the year 2003, as well as having started to organize parties in the area of Mina Gerais in Brazil. “Lexvib Productions” was the name of his 1st crew and nowadays he’s still organizing parties with his friends from back then, all working together on mutual projects in the area of Mina Gerais, known for its magic natural surroundings and kicking parties. The Samsara Festival is their major project nowadays, held annually in the city of Uberlandia, hosted by Fernando and his crew many artists from all over the world have performed on the Samsara Stage. Once more we at Mind Funk Music are happy and proud to have this new talented artist on board of our music team. Together with his fellow countryman André Santana Camargos, a.k.a. Stereographic, these musicians are bound to take this planet by surprise with their superb and truly psychedelic music.

More info: Click here

MySpace Label site:

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MySpace Artist sites:

Stereographic : Click here
Smoke Ship : Click here

For further info on Mind Funk artists and releases:

Click here
or Click here (new website online soon!)

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