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Marguerite - Cosmic Flower Records && Nhjohyennro && Me && Something More

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Abour a year ago while been looking for free psy/goa releases by a certain reasons, Ive suddenly appeared on Cosmic Flower Records web site.

After full ektoplazm and whole Cybernetika's (included hidden) albums and tracks exploration I was seeking for something more. And I was positively surprised by the amount of tracks available for the free download.


Part I.





At first it started mostly from "agressive darkspy" kind of music which was not kindly what I wanted to hear.. I wanted something more "bright" and yet still deep and poweful.

Then it turned into pure goa-like sound as the whole compilation was divided into thematical parts as was announced on the web site. Kalki, SatanicElectro, and then..




then.. the world has stopped! What a music I "thought"! So clean, no those rubbish unnecessary effects. So impressive, pure, beautiful and strong! I was "thinking" like "wow! this guys know what they are doing for sure! must be some top-notch underground goa-producers. So pleased that Cosmic Flower Records included the music like this!

I went then to discogs to find more about this artist with such a unsual name, which I liked a lot indeed. On discogs I have found that XI (from this compil) track is the only being noted.


At the end, exactly this track on the first place among others of course resided in my memory as the flavour of this Marguerite compilation by Cosmic Flower Records.



Part II.


About a year later, I started looking for music again.. not free one, but "old skool". On the web site with the maybe most old school mp3 collections, there were many new ones too. One of them was




Zolphinia - Two Types Of Dreams - 2008 (2CD) attracted my attention, its cover and everything. It was also giving a feeling of a free release! So searched for the original release web site. And it appeared to be psynews.org The artist just uploaded his unreleased (and strangely, some already released ones) on a file-sharing services and created a topic under Music Promotion sub-forum. During the second listening my attention stopped on Yamana track, previosely influenced by Innerspace and Utopia tracks. And then.. Wake up! This also so pure and strong that I couldnt get enough of it for a couple of days (according to my internal situation of course)!


Then I went back to this forum to browse all the released albums and interesting "looking" tracks. As this place seemed to be the most everyone containing one. I then discovered that most of the tracks are really.. lame. From the people who start producing music by not being inspired enough. Also a lot of paid album promotions and parties..

And then I went to someone called NHJOHYENNRO posted a link to his collections of tracks at soundclick. I was very surprised by the really beatiful melodies and the amount of tracks produced. And also by the fact he is seeking so hard for ANY LABEL! This were good and bad impressions. Though the melodies were so good and I "thought" that he is surely a very talanted person and there is something wrong that he seems so unsuccessful.

I went back to the forum to read all of his posts, as he got them many.


I do not want to give any more details about what I discovered further.. especially about the most of the people who were "replying" in his threads. Except for one.. someone from "you" opened a new thread telling everyone that NHJOHYENNRO has finally really been released! At the free compilation of Cosmic Flower Records. Some other "natives" of this forum, stated that the lable declined their demos to release. I was absolutely sure that Cosmic Flower Records is known to me! I discovered the year and the name of this compilation.. and.. "cant be!!". Isnt it that most remarkable track that I noted about a year ago while listening to this compil. Yes! It was it! So..."this is who is Nhjohyennro.."


After that I was REALLY happy about everything related to the subject. And everything went to its places. Almost.

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I dont care what you want to think.

I have told here everything how it has actually happened and tried to describe my feelings in a best way.


PS. My name is Eugene.

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Well, sometimes, by overcoming obstacles is a better if not the only way to feel or express the love towards something.

In my case the feeling was even kind of times more as I also love quests themselves.. And thus solving this quest brought even more love feelings to the whole thing.


As after going on Margeurite page and clicking on "Get music!" you are getting an error. But after applying my "hacking" skills in a good and absolutely unharmful way, I discovered that all tracks are still there.


From the still awailable releases, I disovered, that there are no numbers for tracks and all go in Artist_-_Title.mp3 format. So according to discogs, for "Nhjohyennro XI" we should have Nhjohyennro_-_XI.mp3 and volia its there!


But I wanted to get all the songs to try to restore my feeling from listening it the first time. Though I didnt want to bother myself of generating the filenames by hand for all 36 files. After a small deeper discovery I realised that every release supposed to have a flash player so that visitors could listen to all the tracks from within their browser. And I managed to get the correct playlist for this likely unavailable compilation with all filenames being already written there. And all of them are still available for the download.



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