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[Psy-Dnb] Cybernetika - Atropos (2009) [Full Album Dl | 320Mp3/Wav]


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does anybody know how it the reactions from the dnb-scene?

is it spread on any dnb forums and stuff?



"I wouldn't buy this disc because apart from not being too much into neurofunk-psytrance drums sound tiny to me! Don't take me wrong it's just my opinion..."


It's what I expected before I even searched for it. DnB'rs love hard chummy fat beats and playful base, not so much into small details and melodies like in psytrance, I think. Anyhoo, this album is easily some of the best DnB I have heard and for a reason; It is psy-dnb, and I happen to like some dnb and love psytrance lol.

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Without doubt one of the best albums of 2009, if not of all times.


This is dnb indeed but with all those little details of psytrance. Sounds amazing! Excellent production, excellent story telling.

I love it.

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I just heard it for the first time. I suppose I'm in the minority here. Not a fan of dnb (find it monotonous) but the work around it is very good. Also I've given this NO time to grow on me yet.

I like the self-titled Atropos track. The background is hypnotic, infectious. The melody work, hymns, and ambient in Unleash is excellent. How I'd love to hear a psychedelic goa-trance version of Unleash. The ambient and melodies in Hayashis Journey stood out to me too.

The track introductions are interesting. The album has atmosphere too, very nice!

The musical elements in Starchild's intro pull me in; they're immersive. I really like the non drum/bass influences and admit my drum/bass bias.

Atropos (as an album) is creative and quite good, being a cross beween atmospheric dnb, psy, and what have you. I'm simply less enticed by drum and bass (or breaks?, isn't a bunch of this breaks?) and feel that a variety via electronic beats could have been fun too. That said, the artist keeping the beats for the most part separate (with few exceptions) add to each of his distinct albums, giving him time to flesh out what he can produce on each sub-genre while incorporating his imaginative style among it.


Update: I was listening to Towards The End Of Time last night and WOW, what an infectiously catchy track! Not only this but other work on here. It seems more breaks at times than dnb. Regardless, I have finally seen the light and enjoying this album on a whole other spectrum as my perspective has opened up. It sounds better than ever before. Well done!


Did anyone ever open a review thread for this? I couldn't find one.

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