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Okta- Kyseesh (Hippie Killer Prod)- Coming Soon !

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Okta ~ Kyseesh :: Hippie Killer Productions


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Release date: 4th Sept, 2009 !!!


Okta is one of the projects by Finnish producer Marlo Snellman. The Okta sound has been in a constant yet unpredictable state of research and development since 2002, and today, as his debut project album, "Kyseesh" illustrates, great emphasis is placed upon experimentalism, classification-defying fusions of style, and heavy doses of smiles and fun. These sounds strive not to take themselves too seriously, and the result is a free-flowing progression of timeless music which goes where it may and invites you along for a smile inducing digital journey built to be experienced in a dance friendly setting.


Marlo, under the "Okta" project, has to date performed over 50 acclaimed performances across Russia and Europe. His main musical influences have been his extensive collection of old records which span the genres and eras of music, as well as rare, vintage analogue synth instruments, which these days are often imitated and almost never duplicated, but serve to enrich and power his sound with a sort of vibration even the most jaded aficionado and hardened dancer can easily wrap their brains and toes around. Soon to be released on Moscow based label Hippie Killer Productions, Okta's sound has already built up a tried and true reputation for creativity and innovation, and soon the rest of the world will also recognize, understand, and enjoy.




1. Kyseesh

2. Go Inside

3. Fixx

4. Amy Rock

5. Runnit

6. Adopted Filter

7. Raaq

8. Tomita

9. Shopping

10. Have A Coke And A Smile

11. McPussy & Delicious

12. Number 11

13. Yaros Palace

14. Tink






A cartoony, screamingly psychedelic intro launches straight into a soupy bass beat that is fresh and funky. House and Psytrance influences mix juices and pepper each other with voice bits and glitchy leads. Masterful musical breakdowns transform into mood altering organic meltdown.


Go Inside

The percussion begins slow and easy as the synths take main stage, painting pictures of mind-mapping waveforms. The meat of this track is sultry and earthy. Clean guitar strings couple with digital lead tremolos and glassy effects built for outdoor daylight rump-shaking pleasure.



Picking the tempo up to a jog, next comes "Fixx". The bass is fresh and uplifting while the upper frequencies imply foresty sound environs laced with guitar and wah pedal licks. Watery pad delays roll in like a tide and provide necessary push into sixteenth-note arpeggios guaranteed to tickle.


Amy Rock

This track seems to be a child of the discotheque and early 80's-era children's shows. Glassy effects and pepper shaker style percussion give your body a dose of vertical motion. Plenty of atmospheric rearrangements ensure your feet won't get bored in this psychedelic pub-crawl of a track.



Carefully placed note and drum arrangements give this piece intensity beyond its tempo. Brilliant segments of brass and piano coupled with evolving baselines bring this track alive inside your eardrums. Hectic layers and crisp usage of effects ice this cake with sweetness your body craves.


Adopted Filter

The short intro sketches a quick sonic horizon before the heavily percussive body sequence begins. This track is perfect for both indoor settings and out with a dynamic contrast of grumbling voice bits and acid-tinged leads. Rhythm induced stabs and screaming saw waves add further to the rhythm.



This track is at once hair-raising and foot tickling. Squared-off saw bass makes for robotic electro undercurrents while time-stretched stabs and pads work their magic above. The low frequencies descend into a cats-putt while oscillating mid frequencies continue to cut through your synapses.



A rolling bass line is the trampoline for squishy sounds above. Unpredictable background voices add chaos to the rhythmic order of the disco hits and ever pattering high hats. A bit of low frequency distortion delivers drive until the next sonic arrangement of electro moods which breathe with you.



A ping ponging rhythm winds its way into your neurons before a crisp sub bass snakes between your toes. Multitudes of ever changing sound layers seem like an arcade of sounds both childishly familiar and otherworldly new and fresh. This track spans an era of wonderfully relatable electronica.


Have A Coke And A Smile

Get ready for a short yet sweat inducing aerobic workout in this two minute interlude between the sonic mayhem. A great into to a variety of playlists or a refreshing, eye opening pause between bouts of electric anarchy, this two minute arrangement shows the artists talent and diversity.


McPussy & Delicious

This track has perhaps one of the most innovative and unique beginnings of a track released in the genre in recent years. Following up is an easy going arrangement of break beat, descending bass envelopes, and paradoxical rhythm stabs and obscurely melodic squelching and whistles.


Number 11

From the outset, this track is catchy and groovy, and within a minute, your head is nodding and your feet are tapping the floor. Masterful background reverbs make way for Goa influences of foreground melody. The broken bass is thick and the evolving distortion heightens the tension nicely.


Yaros Palace

A salsa-style Caribbean drumbeat marches you into a suomi-electro segment. Saxophone and saw lead synth play off each other Staccato pads which build into a new wave of sounds similar and new to round out this track's second half, with the vocals topping this cake with a cherry of sonic flavour.



The finale to this diverse and eclectic album opens with highly experimental, organic synths. A bouncy bass line propels you upward with the friendliness of a trampoline. Effects scattered amongst the panorama add dimension to timelessly classic electronic smile-inducing melody.



Worldwide distribution through Saikosounds | www.saikosounds.com |



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