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Any Good House Music Out There These Days?!

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If you have Nick Warren, Paris and Shanghai, I definitely recommend you get his Reykjavik set too, my favourite mix on the GU label. How many GU mixes have you got? Sasha Ibiza Disc 1 would certainly suit your tastes


Personally don't like Abakus, so I can't help you there.

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i'm not really familiar with tech-house so would appreciate some recomms! :)

what i'm really interested to is phat lazy housy beats for chilling or some dreamy, atmospheric house music. i'm not sure if that make any sense but i'm not really familiar to this genre.


Global Underground is awesome but they are way too many releases. I used to listen to all of their releases few years back, but i've lost touch with it. Sasha - Invol2ver was pretty good though. Sasha and Nick Warren are really good in general IMO.

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Thomas Fehlmann, love Thomas Fehlmann, although Thomas Fehlmann lies closer to tech-house, at least "Visions Of Blah" and "Honigpumpe". Long live Thomas Fehlmann!


am listening to "Visions of Blah" right now. Some good track, some not so good ones IMO. Perhaps this is not my style :)

i liked making it whistle ^_^

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There are some names in house music you can't go wrong with...


Kerri Chandler

Roy Trent

Larry Heard

Vince Watson

The Timewriter

Theo Parrish



Almost everything these producers touch turns into gold. :)

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