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J.Viewz alike

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The only thing in my library which sounds like this is Michele Adamson - The Fallen Angel

And of course, Converting Vegetarians side two, where the percentage of Michele Adamson is also high. But in my opinion, Infected Mushroom's remix of this song is much better. (album I am the Supervisor)

And someone recommended the song Groove Armada - Super Styling, which is indeed somewhat similar.


J. Viewz is probably not for me, unless he has more of stuff like this:

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man that michele adamson album.. someone bury her alive...


but cool, if ur talkin 'bout Groove Armada (who are quite good in ma book) then I recommend St. Germain - Tourist, which is a fusion of house and jazz mainly


J.Viewz is a playful combination of jazz, electronica, triphop, house, breakbeats, chillout elements with additional vocals and experimental live instruments.

I haven't really heard any other artist consistently producing music the way he does(haven't really been looking for that either), but it's got lot to do with experimental jazz and electronica, so head that direction and report back if you find anything good!


wew and then the jviewz remix of bluetech, which is AWESOEM KILLAARGH³, i havent heard it in ages for real yet its playing in my head all the time

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Take a listen to Deedrah/Dado's side-project, Federico Baltimore. His <a href="http://www.discogs.com/Federico-Baltimore-Beleza/release/923399" target="_blank">Beleza!</a> album should be in the street your looking, I think.


e. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Life-Is-Dimensions/release/518346


and to be honest, I've never even heard the tune your talking about, only the IM mix, which isn't that good..

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