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Indian Spirit 5 days OA Festival

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Indian Spirit 5 days OA Festival 2009
Heiligengrabe / Germany
Open Air: Do, 03. Sep. 09, 22:00h - Mo, 07. Sep. 09, 12:00h

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Click on the flyer for more informations!


Audiomatic ( Spin Twist/Germany )

Azax Syndrom ( 3D Vision/Israel )

Basic ( BNE/Israel )

DayDin ( Spin Twist/Germany )

Dark Distortion

Dejavoo ( Transient/UK )

Dualsnug ( Blue Tunes/Swiss )

Earsugar ( Iboga/Swiss )

Fabio ( Blue Tunes/Germany )

Galactika ( Blue Tunes/Germany )

Hyperion ( Shivlink/Germany )

Insane Creation ( Domo/Swiss )

Liquid Soul ( Iboga/Swiss )

Mad Contrabender ( Midijum/NL )

Magic Sun ( Area51/Germany )

Neelix ( Spin Twist/Germany )

Penta ( Auraquake/Portual )

Prahlad ( Millennium/Germany )

Rocky ( Chemical Crew/Israel )

Slackjoint ( YSE/Germany )

Slider ( Noya/Israel )

Sun Project ( Sun Project/Germany )

Symphonix ( Blue Tunes/Germany )

Tulk ( Milennium/Germany )

Vaishiyas ( Spin Twist/Germany )

2nd Circle ( Multiplexx-Rec./Germany )


Audiomatic (Spin Twist/Germany)

Bakke (Spiral Trax/Sweden)

Benny Risher (BNE/Israel)

Bim (Iono/Germany)

Chriss (Fullmoon/Germany)

Creator (Interzone/Swiss)

DJanes Aliye Kimi (YSE/Germany)

D-Nox (Sprout/Germany)

Dj Markayn (MK Records/Italy)

DJ Trang (Lazer/NL)

Djane Kiba (Moonsun/Germany)

Djane Melburn (Germany)

Fabio (Blue Tunes/Germany)

Guy Salama (Hommega/Israel)

Intellifex (Spin Twist/Germany)

Konstantin (Spiritual Healing/Germany)

Koszki (Blue Tunes/Germany)

Kristian (Transient/UK)

Magical (Spin Twist/Germany)

Mape (YSE/Germany)

Martin (Mikrokosmos/Swiss)

Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes/Germany)

Nis (Demark)

Redeem (Purple Snow/Belgium)

Roberdo (Chaishop/Mushroom/Germany)

Roam (Tranceexplorer/Russia)

Starsky (Substical/Germany)

Syncron (Indian Spirit/Germany)

Tulla (Millennium/Germany)

WeaselSon (Germany)

Zombi (Blue Tunes/Israel)

Zosma (Spin Twist/Germany)

Dark Floor:

Dark Floor Live Acts:

Axis Mundi ( Scared Evil Rec./USA )
Antagon ( Interzone p.a./ 2to6 Rec./Germany )
DARK Whisper ( Alice-D / Shaman Films Rec. / HSS Rec./Italy )
Gorump Peyya ( Technical Freaks Rec./ FYROM (Former Yugoslavia Republic Of Macedonia)
Psytronic ( Mutliplex Rec./Germany )
Psychoz (Avatar Rec./Germany )
Schatzhauser ( Multiplex Rec./Germany )

Dark Floor DJ´s:

Algiz ( Multiplex Rec./Germany )
Abbralabim ( Discovalley Rec./Germany )
Brain Attack ( Head of Amnesiecrew/Germany )
Cannibal Crow ( Psycrowdelica / Mind Expansion Music/Germany )
Chinaski ( Psydonym Media/Germany )
Chesper ( Lunaoptics/Germany )
CoRiOuS ( Lycantrop Rec./Germany )
Dj Ant ( Mind Expansion Music/Germany )
Merry ( Mind Expansion Music/ Mind Funk Music/Germany )
Myrkabah ( Lycantrop Rec./USA )
Marok ( Dark-Magic Story/Germany )
Micha ( Multiplex Rec./Germany )
Neuronom ( Ayauma Records/Cryptek Records/Germany )
Psychoz (avatar Rec./Germany )
Somadelic ( Lycantrop Rec./USA )



Algiz (Multiplex-Rec./Ger)

DerBus (Luna Club)

Jared (Multiplex-Rec./Ger)

Jeevan Mukti

Marcel Lichtraum

MiLLer (Sonne,Wald & Wiese e.V.)

Moody (Intact-Expanda)

Neuronom (Ayauma Records / Cryptek Records )

NixXxen (Project Luna)

Partyprojekt Odyssee



Simple (Project Luna)

T.eRRa (Spin Twist Rec.)

Waktu Loopa


Jeevan Mukti

Re`em live Harfe

Soiled Pants

Yoga lesson with Dora Ananda: [click here]

While the music is taking a break, you got the opportunity to reach a state of deep relaxation by some yoga exercises. You will enjoy the physical aspect of this relaxation on the one hand, on the other you will experience your thoughts coming to rest, your soul spreading deep inside of you and your mind expanding.
To reach this, you will be taught special postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation techniques, and the energetic effect of these practices will be enforced and accompanied by Mantra music (sarced lyrics from India).
Everybody can attend, with or without yoga experience, preferable wearing comfortable clothes

If you are interested in this offer, please announce yourself at miar-@web.de


16909 Heiligengrabe
location: highway A24 Hamburg / Berlin - Exit Heiligengrabe - go straight through Heiligengrabe. continue direction Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk. Heiligengrabe, follow the signs.

Thanks for your attention and wishing you much fun and pleasent
psychedelic listenings on our Party!

Kind regards,
WorldWideTribe Event

For more informations please click here !!

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