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Just starting to get really into it...


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I love psytrance but everything I listen to is mixes. So could somebody here point a nub towards some good single tracks or artists?

Thanks a lot, and I hope this isn't in the wrong place.


Edit: Forgot to say what I do like...really full crazy acidic stuff, and on the other end of the spectrum slowish trancey stuff. Both are amazing :)

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thats three words and two something else. :drama:


alienated buddha


hi RaveHippy, please go to these two links and DL free music ::)

Thanks for the second link psytoons.


Didn't know about it, never tried to search for it.


Good stuff. :)

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for acidic stuff check out: (all are album names)

cosmosis - synergy

cosmosis - cosmology

green nuns of the revolution - rock bitch mafia


for slower trance stuff check:

aes dana

new chronos album u can listen here http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_ar...artist_id=11813


u can go to saikosounds.com and listen to those artists and see for urself :)

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Basilisk-I've downloaded and listened to both albums a couple times, really, really cool stuff.

I listened to some green nuns of the revolution, they're really cool too.

Everything else I'm listening to/dowloading after I get home after this rave I'm going to tonight :)

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