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Dark ambient?


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The darkest ambient music I've heard - in a genuine way, not a scary-scary-dark-for-the-sake-of-it, and I've heard a whole bunch of Rich and Obmana, et al. - would be Woob. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a real combination of emotion and creativity there that sends chills up my spine.

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bwhale, did you discover something you doped? RReply some names you found to be what you seeked.


I got one recommendation, drone. If you don't know what drone music is, and you got iTunes, then go to the Radio and then on the Ambient folder and then click the Drone Zone on ZomaFM. I can asure you it will go perfect with your medication. As a matter of fact, it's best served chilled, safe with most medications.

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I can say these are all good: woob, Ulf Söderberg, Atrium Carceri (but kinda boring... very minimal true ambient stuff)

ambient is boring to me generally, however a few people are able to make non-boring ambient like Richard James

I don't shop for ambient though, too much sucks IMHO.

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Here's my dark ambient toplist:


01. Terra Sancta

02. Ionosphere

03. Zoät·Aon

04. Tho-So-Aa

05. Atrium Carceri

06. Lightwave

07. Phelios

08. R|A|A|N

09. Northaunt

10. Ancylus

11. Kammarheit

12. Pete Namlook

13. Audela

14. Rapoon

15. Cisfinitum

16. False Mirror

17. Kerovnian

18. Land:Fire

19. Oophoi

20. Sunn O)))

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I don't know if you guys heard this cd (http://www.discogs.com/release/367350 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZG2tEj64QY) before, but I really love it. Not sure if you call it drone or not, but it's the closest thing that I can enjoy, since some other drone music I heard is extremely boring and drones on the nerves to listen to.



Thx for the artists Hexfire I'm going to check some of them out. :clapping:

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Greets bwhale,


Kammarheit (!!!!!!)

A Murder of Angels

The Unquiet Void (1st album isnt dark, others are)


I'd check any release from cyclic law label, where kammarheit releases.

Just hop onto discogs and track their releases, most of them are kick ass.


Herbst9 is good but cannot be considered dark ambient. Check Herbst9 - buried under time and sand


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Herbst9 is nice. Seems pretty much typical dark ambient to me. Inade is good too.


Anyway I didn't see RAISON D'ETRE mentioned. He is among the very best this genre has to offer.

Metamorphyses tracks 4 and 5 are probably my favorite dark ambient pieces ever, together with some Lustmord stuff and a few other things.

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