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3rd Tier of Orb advance Tickets

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There is no better way to travel to Orb Festival than in the Bus, reliable, efficient and cost effective. For that purpose Orb Crew has decided to Sponsor half of the bus fair to the Festival.


The cost of the tickets will be $30 for the round trip package.

Save the earth and money while you travel with wonderful vibes.

Bus ticket sale ends on Friday July 3rd 09 you can purchase your tickets at: http://www.orbfestival.com/tickets.php



Bus Schedule:


Departure from NYC to Orb Festival:

Thursday July 9th: 12 Noon and 7PM

Friday July 10th 12 Noon and 7PM

Saturday July 11th 12 Noon



Departure from Orb Festival to NYC:

Sunday July 12: 5PM



To keep the good spirit and to as well remind all of you that haven’t purchased your tickets. Orb Crew has launched its 3rd Tier of advanced Tickets for $135 from June 14th till July 8th.



We look forward to seeing you all connecting with Mother Nature and dancing under one groove!


Orb Festival


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