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Hello from Orb Festival Crew 2009


The Orb Festival Crew would like to thank all of you that have purchased tickets for Orb festival and as well we would like to thank all of you that have gave interest in volunteering for this year’s Orb festival.


As this being our third year in the making of Orb Festival we are more than excited to inform everyone that the amount of hard work put in to this year’s festival from Orb Crew promoters and volunteers is exceptional. It is a great feeling to see how many different groups are coming together to enjoy of this great event.

We encourage you all to spread the word and get those that are in doubt to be out in the wilderness enjoying of great music, beautiful vibes and awesome décor.


We are one family in the globe and that is what we want to influence in others. Going back to fundamentals of how the electronic music scene was created. All for the love of music creating great vibes through peace and unity. Never forgetting the most important, respect, towards Mother Nature and the electronic music scene.


For those of you that are still looking to finalize final details of logging, transportation, food and expenses please take a look at our web site http://www.orbfestival.com, for accommodating ways of making your experience unique and convenient.


We can’t wait to see you all connecting with Mother Nature and one another in Echo Lake, Afton, New York.

Orb Festival Crew 2009



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