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Non Psytrance Essential Albums


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Yet again you miss the point.


I gave those recommendations because I thought it was fun to dive back in some long time over elementary school days. I could care less about MC-ing, west/east coast rap, whatever. Call it childhood nostalgia. Or whatever would make you feel good.


From my perspective, and the kind of electronics I'm into, your 'psychedelic' suggestions I quoted can walk with a tucked tail. Psy rock? WTF? I can't listen to that stuff after having spent 36 consecutive hours out partying, let alone be bothered with a home listening session. Spare me, please. OK?


Cut it with Van Buuren and all of that, go find comfort in the next T. Dream release instead. You ain't deep just 'cause you don't dig d'n'b and old school hip hop. The "your music isn't psy enough" aesthetic is out of place in this thread.


Keep the voice down, mate.

keep down the voice?!?!?! lol, my voice was down :unsure:

i also beg to differ (:P i like your english skills)

first of all, if you've read the topic title, it says "ESSENTIAL", not childhood nostalgia! 2nd, i respect your taste of music, and everyone's else. i don't care if people like pop or hip hop or other genres. why should i care?! i was trying to voice my surprise that since everyone keeps talking about PSY (specially in some other threads people are bashed for suggesting music that is not psy, and the reason mentioned was that this forum is called PSYnews) yet when it comes to other suggestions all people would recommend has nothing to do with PSY! we have other electronica subforum but not other psychedelic music. i always thought the only reason is that MARS has never listened to anything other than electronic music, but i guess i was wrong.


i don't care if you can't listen to psy rock after 100 hours of partying. good for you, i can't listen to techno anytime either, but everyone to his own.


@yerg, i like some of fusko's recommendations and other than that if i want to recommend something or get someones recommendation i can PM few people who share the same taste or go to a dedicated forum.


i wasn't complaining i was voicing my surprise :drama:

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Dude, I don't get the point.


Since Rock isn't exactly electronic music, and since the Topic is about essential non-psytrance electronic albums, that's what the recommendations came from. I think it's quite narrow-minded to say "eeeew, I don't like your music, so I won't put my elitist taste in the same topic, cause maybe they'll touch weeners and then I'm gay" or whateverthefuck.


Narrow-minded shit, if you ask me.


Psynews, indeed. Psychedelic music, yes. But everybody seems to get hung up on that same moniker. Very boring.


Now if you don't like hiphop, ignore those recommendations. But be asured that hiphop is most definitely electronic and non-psytrance music, and thus has its place in this topic. Also, I recommended a split but since there's no mods around anymore, it won't happen.


Instead of bitching, post a few recommendations, I'd be more than happy to know what you would consider essential and electronic. Fosku's list is quite good, for example, and since I like what he posted, I shall download what I don't know, listen to it, and thus broaden my horizon. That's exactly what I like forums for. To expand my knowledge, to share ideas and to exchange information.


Now, if you're missing a non-electronic but psychedelic subforum, go complain to Mars. But more effective would be to just open a thread about psychedelic rock, post some samples of Ozric Tentacles, Phish, Pink Floyd or the Greatful Dead and discuss there. I really don't see why you would need to be negative about this topic.


My 2c-b.



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Hey all -

IMO this topic has turned out way better than I ever expected and really thank everyone for tuning in and contributing.

What is interesting to me is that I really was looking for non-psy ELECTRONIC releases, but have gotten some great

recommendations for non electronic music anyway and I find it very enjoyable.


As a lover of sooooo much music that I could never have time to listen to it all, I truly love the idea of only making

time for the classics, the timeless masterpieces that make music worth living for. Call it snobby or whatever

I'm just finding out that life is too short to waste on music that really doesn't matter. And I'm not one of those guys

who thinks that the stuff I'm not really in to personally is not important or classic or whatever just because its not in a

vein that really moves me. But I do like enough music that almost no genres are left out (country music and mtv pop though...)


So, in the spirit of how this thread has evolved, I will roll with everyone and deviate a little to share some of the albums

I consider to be masterpiece classics that are not psy, not electronic, and I believe have not been mentioned on here yet.


Genesis -



The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Selling England by the Pound

Nursery Cryme


King Crimson -


Starless and Bible Black

In the Court of the Crimson King


Yes -

The Yes Album

Close to the Edge



Time and A Word


Van Der Graaf Generator -

H To He Who Am the Only One

Pawn Hearts


Still Life


Camel -


The Snow Goose




Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

Acquiring the Taste

Three Friends

In A Glass House


Jehtro Tull

Thick As A Brick


Stand Up

This Was




Midnight Mushrumps

Red Queen to Gryphon Three




Journey to the Centre of the Eye


Sounds Like This

Down to Earth

Remember the Future

A Tab in the Ocean


Rick Wakeman

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


Steve Hillage

Fish Rising



Illuminations on a Double Dimple



Yezda Urfa


Sacred Baboon



In the Land of Grey and Pink

Waterloo Lily

For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night




The Power and the Passion





Bedside Manners are Extra

Spyglass Guest




In and Out of Focus

Moving Waves

Focus III

Hamburger Concerto


and possibly the greatest and most talented band of all time


Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Brain Salad Surgery

Emerson, Lake & Palmer




anyway there is my additional 2 cents worth about some sorta psychedelic, or at least trippy music with a wide range of influences that really rocks my world when I'm not listening to Psy or Techno...


these albums are definitely essential as musical pieces but I understand this progressive rock thing does not appeal to everyone

if you ever want to give it a chance though - these are truly the great ones

not a definitive list by any means, but a good list to start with.


Thanks for participating in this thread everyone, I think its very flavorful and fun to be a part of.


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