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Hoopy Frood - Indigo :: Megadodo Recordings :: Coming Soon!

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Hoopy Frood - Indigo :: Megadodo Recordings :: Coming Soon!


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"Indigo", by the UK based band Hoopy Frood, is a nine-track collection which borrows from, questions, the formulae of a cornucopia of forbearing musical genres and styles. Here, the worlds of psychedelic folk rock, world beat percussion, reggae, dub, jazz and so many others come together to exist in sonic harmony, with each track being a baby of all of these lineages yet bearing its own chromosomes not yet heard in any other project. There's something for every age and background here, from Floyd-esque guitar, digital mastery, heartfelt, well thought out lyrics which seamlessly blend Western and Eastern styles, and eclectic percussion woven together but true virtuosos of the drum and the turntable. All in all, this album is saturated with an organic, live-in-your-living-space feel to the sounds. Produced by the UK composer legend Ott, known globally for his superb talent and ear for high sonic quality, every moment of this album is a moment well spent. "Indigo" tells a story throughout each note in such a way that separates it from more mediocre music, and will doubtless be one that is talked about and enjoyed for quite some time to come.



Click below for samples:


Posted Image 1. I Was Looking Into The Sky


Posted Image 2. Indigo Child


Posted Image 3. Summershine


Posted Image 4. Suspended In The Brightness


Posted Image 5. It Lasts Forever


Posted Image 6. Samsara


Posted Image 7. Chasing Inspiration


Posted Image 8. Journey


Posted Image 9. The Hundredth Monkey



Track by track:


I Was Looking Into The Sky

This introductory track to this eclectic album greets you with whimsical, reflective narratives. Harmonic folk guitar greets airy keyboard chords creating celestial atmospheres. Even within a track of an ambient nature like this one can sense a palpable energy build-up within the unfolding story.


Indigo Child

Cleanly cut gypsy-style string pluckings roll straight into groovy percussive riffs built atop warm bass undercurrents. Immediately organic and attention-arresting, smooth guitar paints a folksy background according to an up-tempo reggae-influenced drum beat. Emotive vocals progress this narrative further, followed by excellent cameos of silver flute and guitar licks.



Major piano chords capture the essence of skin-warming solar moods. A housey four-on-the-floor groove leaves plenty of room to be filled with beachy steel drums, congas, and subtle brass samba. Warm bass propels currents of musical waves. A brilliant vocal duo tops off this sonic sundae with sensual polarity, with tension and release placed in all the right spaces.


Suspended In The Brightness

The organic couples with the digital in an ambient harmonic intro of delicate chord progressions on the guitar amongst vocal synth simulacra. Masterfully manipulated verbage open windows into the realm of inner thought. The bass-beats are tender and decompressing, and the guitar and sax and piano seem so tangible, it's as if your favourite mates were jamming right in your living room..


It Lasts Forever

This segment seems to adorn itself with a new, different mood. The lyrics are touching, welcoming and evocative, and the guitar spills out happy tears of familiar love, both bittersweet and assuring at once. The percussion is crisp, clear, and quantifying, with punchy kicks, slapping snares, and high hat alternations in all the right spaces.



Beautifully touching lyrics and sublime guitar take the lead in this pleasing mix of subtle drum-work and slightly sad basslines. Quite simply, this is music at its finest, with every element working together to paint a temporal portrait of sound. From moment to moment one can appreciate the energy this group of innovative sound artists put into their work.


Chasing Inspiration

This is a ten minute saga of bliss covering a huge array of musical styles, from reggae and dub influences, jazz sax elements, to glitchy synthesis which offers excellent dynamic contrast and a wide musical spectrum. The guitar is improvisational and enjoyable, and the lyrics are meaningful. Mood changes and musical progression abound in this odyssey.



Major piano chords and crisp drum repetitions quantify flowing arpeggios and lilting folk-rock guitar. High-timbral voice utters words of beauty and harmony. Rhythm, lead, and lyric come together to inspire second winds of joyful, conscious endurance. Pink Floyd-style instrumental wailings walk with comforting bass in music which blurs the line between digital and analog synthesis.


The Hundredth Monkey

The finale track of this amazing album certainly does not disappoint, and shows clearly the hard work, heart, and effort this band of musicians puts into their craft. The entire track is an excellent musical build-up of energy which leaves you refreshed with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, and wraps up this unique collection superbly and masterfully.


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Hoopy Frood Website | www.hoopyfrood.co.uk/ |

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Hoopy Frood on Youtube | www.youtube.com/froodsteve |


Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque

| www.arabesque.co.uk |

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So this is Ott under a different alias? Anything by Ott I'm very interested in!

Well, AFAIK, Hoopy Food are in no way connected to Ott, other than he is the man who produced the second album.


Looking forward to this a lot, as the first album is a firm favourite

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Wow, samples sound top notch. It actually reminds me quite a bit of where Younger Brother were headed in their 2nd album. Suspended In The Brightness is the track that gave me that feeling in particular.

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Wow. This album really blew me away. The gorgeous female vocals really added a much-welcomed dimension. So refreshing, and just plain beautiful!! Now, the only problem is that I'm totally spoiled when it comes to chillout music! Where will I ever find anything this good to satiate my psychill thirst?! Probably nowhere until someone as good as Ott comes along.


By the way longloststar, do you mean that you wish that the vocals didn't have any words, or that you wish there were no vocals altogether? I'd have to disagree with you on both accounts - while I definitely wouldn't want all my electronic music to have vocals+lyrics, this was a really refreshing change, and listening to the IMHO well-crafted lyrics sung by such a sweet voice really took me on a mental journey - there's not only a musical dimension, but a poetic dimension.

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