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1 track /1999-2000/ psychedelic-acid trance


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Uh, i have another 1 track to ID.

Like before, i've record it circa 2000. I think its some psychedelic trance with progressive/industrial (?)


link to listen http://www.zshare.net/audio/5983536419636672/


http://rghost.ru/202358 or



ANY sugesstions are welcome, even more correct classification of genre.



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I think its somethign from kris kylen, maybe eon project, its not u.x.

Thanks for helping. Anyway i check almost all his discography and projects:

Eon Project - Brain Filter

track: Eon Project - The warlock (soul stealer mix)


Cyberkrist / Equilium - Crossworld

Element Over Nature - Cyber Reality

Syb Unity Nettwerk - The Space Puppy

Syb Unity Nettwerk - Tripperspaced / Trip To Dimension

Syb Unity Nettwerk - Cosmo Shiva / Lost World


Faithealers: tracks - New Breed, Sacred Hearts


without: Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface and Faithealers - Optical Dreams EP


....and nothing.


But i think eon project is good clue. I'll check some similar artists



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