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Real psychedelic movies


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Thanks! Glad you found something worth reading and relating to in my sometimes manic and meandering mental musing (please make it stop, the "voices" made me do it, haha).


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total recall

death machine

judge dredd

minority report

war of the worlds

big fish

alien 2


princess mononoke

spirited away

jacob's ladder

ghost in the shell

ghost in the shell 2

ghost in the shell: solid state society

terminator 2

the matrix

lord of the rings


blueberry: dont think much of it

the fountain: nice psychedelic visuals yes, but bad flow and workout of the whole picture, a bit like blueberry except here the story is more interesting and gripping

constantine: nice monsters etc and sometimes cool atmo, but a very weak picture in overall, still the monster scenes are very nice.

dark city: great movie, crazy story!


and if you'd call thx 1138 psychedelic you'd also have to mention the island but i dont really think they are psychedelic.


i also remember a movie about a guy seeing what a blind guy sees or something, pretty scary shit, and also Flatliners!


Ghostbusters 2 for comic relief :P

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Inland Empire. This film actually broke my mind a little: I watched it in a theatre, stone sober, and for days afterward I wasn't quite sure if I had gone out and seen a movie called 'Inland Empire' or if I had gone on some kind of vacation from consensus reality and imagined the whole thing. Four years later and I can tell the difference... I think? :ph34r:


Allegro non Troppo and Light Years are two very very strange animated movies. I saw them when I was a little kid in the eighties, and again just recently, and they're still just as strange.


Playtime, by the great Jacques Tati. More satirical than psychedelic, but if you're in the right frame of mind it can be very trippy.


Brazil, The Fisher King, 12 Monkeys and Dr. Parnassus are all great mind candy films by Terry Gilliam.


Liquid Sky is a classic of no-budget, strange art films. Has a somewhat TG/Cabs influenced soundtrack, and if you pay attention you can hear a few psy-samples in it.


The Holy Mountain is one of the great surrealist movies, and was clearly influenced by the sixties drug culture.


The Big Empty, super obscure American comedy film. One of those 'free spirits do weird shit in the Mojave desert' movies that indie filmmakers make every so often. It's subtle, but this is actually one of the most brain twisting movies I've seen, especially the ending.

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I'm completely stunned that nobody has mentioned Natural Born Killers. One of the most interesting, trippy as fuck movies of all time.


And Scanners is one of the best movies ever to watch on acid.


Natural Born Killers was awesome...and the whole part about mushrooms, of course.


That reminds me of Young Guns. "Did you see the size of that chicken?"


Not sure if these were mentioned: Altered States(scared the shit out of me), Wild at Heart with Nicolas Cage (Very good LSD movie), Akira (mindblowing), Sunday morning Preacher on mute with a rap song as audio always made the Preacher look like he was rapping.

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