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E vs Y - Virtuosi Di Quosi [Faerie Dragon]

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sourcepan    0

E vs Y - Virtuosi Di Quosi


Faerie Dragon Records – FDREC-11



Title: Virtuosi Di Quosi

Distribution by:

Wirikuta (worldwide ex-Japan)

Saiko Sounds (Japan)


(p) and © 2009 Sonic Dragon Records




Cover art by http://www.izwoz.com.au


Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios


Artist: EvsY

Label: Faerie Dragon Records

Catalogue: FDREC-11

Barcode: 9366977746510

Format: 4-Panel Digipak

Release Date: April 2009




Faerie Dragon Records is proud to present the 4th album of these two finnish psycho architects, Eraser and Yöjalka.

Having started the journey from Helsinki mid nineties goa trance parties now it`s time to... release more psychedelic trance!

The album "Virtuosi di Quosi", meaning something a bit like "Lords of the Liverdance" but also not, contains 11 full length tracks written and produced throughout 2007 and 2008.


Let the critics speak;

E vs Y is the logical successor to the crazy style Saiko-Pod and Quirk used to bust before drifting off to progressive house territory.

If you´re out for anything similar, you might come up with Eat Static, or Haltya...and even then, these groups don´t come all that close to the madness.

If you`re one of those picky listeners that can´t stand predictable full on, incoherent "dark" music or mainstream progressive, there might be something for you here. In respect to experimental, original, -and dare we say influential-, psychedelic music to dance parties all over the world!




01. EvsY Uus Avaruus

02. EvsY A Finn Hits The Fan

03. EvsY Valumatta Kiiltomato

04. EvsY Paper View

05. EvsY Tietäjä

06. EvsY Public Tranceport

07. EvsY Frank Bongenstein

08. EvsY Matkija Mutkalla

09. EvsY Om Om, Hmm...

10. EvsY The Possibilizer

11. EvsY Lentokapteenin Leija

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Djuna    77

Any samples online? I'm very curious, wonder what style this will be. Their latest darker goa sounds as good as their Finnish stuff, which is uhhh.. quite good B)

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saturnalia    0

Got this album yesterday, not much of a writer so I didn't want to post this in reviews, but this album is fucking awesome. I prefer their more Finnish style to their darker stuff and this album is perfect for me, psychedelic, funky, melodic. Very consistent album with only one or two tracks that are not as well done as the rest. Can't wait to see a full review, but definitely check this album out.

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