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R.I.P Infected Mushroom

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I didn't know that, and it's a fucked up thing to say. But I never liked Duvdev anyways. It's Erez that's the genious. But I still argue that they haven't let anyone down, but sure they have disappointed many, including me.

lucky it's not you who pays the gas bill for their fucking huge hollywood villa :drama:


i saw that rehearsal video and frankly that stuff sounded crackpot insane and i can't wait to hear the single.

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i assume they were dreaming to become pink floyd of psy scene. pink floyd was an underground psychedelic rock band and they went to a more commercialized route which made them gods of rock music. however, IM is far (faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar) from getting to that point.

again however, IMHO, shpongle is on right track to become pioneers of psy scene. although they are not my favorite band/artist(s), but they've become much more popular without getting into cheesiness of mainstream music. that's more or less what pink floyd did. (and that doesn't surprise me since simon is a pink floyd fan)


in 20 years from now, no one would talk about IM (not even their first few albums) but I can easily picture shpongle to become a legend of psy scene. not the best to people who were in this scene for a long time, but the one that would be remembered and referred to whenever someone wants to talk about psy. i feel the same about pink floyd right now...


ma 2 cents




ps. i'm not a big fan of IM (i don't even like their old albums that much) but i do have respect for what they're doing. right now they are among best (whatever that means :P) in DJ charts. competing with DJs like armin van buuren, above and beyond, etc is not that easy. and they are still making their own music while only few of the DJs have their own albums (and even those who have don't play them in their sets, because their albums suck (with exception of above and beyond)).

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Oh people.. a wedding is a wedding.. woudl you go dressed with a space tribe clothing and with loads of druggies throwing up AT YOUR WEDDING?

I wouldn't put videos of from my wedding on youtube, definitily not if I was famous
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1) Skazi /is/ ugly

This is not something that should be held against him (unlike his music).

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Well, I just wanted to talk about that haltya video and how crazy the japanese are, but I suppose the title is misleading ;)

I think I see where you are going. On one hand, there's a video of a wedding where the music doesn't even sound loud enough to be psytrance and everything seems to neat and clean. Skazi's presence implies whatever is going on has little to do with psytrance. And the dancing is too... discrete, I would say. Not my idea of psytrance.

On the other hand, we have loud noise, clouds of dust, a guy dressed in a blue cow suit, and people who can barely walk because of their substance intake. That look a lot more like the parties I went to back in the day when Talamasca was cool, Israeli trance was respected, and Skazi and Infected Mushroom were not a wannabe rock bands.

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Thank you WJPorter, this is all I was getting at and hoping to entice a flare of inspiration...that is to say, if anyone else out there finds that kind of madness inspiring :)

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