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Sushupti - The Mental Expansion EP 2009

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Sushupti - The Mental Expansion EP 2009

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Artist : Sushupti
Title : The Mental Expansion EP
Label : Mind Expansion Music
Coverartwork: Sushupti
Genre : Psytrance
Format : WAV(Flac), Mp3(192-320kbps) digital release
Length : 25:52min.
Releasedate : April 2009
Release-ID : ME023

all tracks written & produced by: Helder Coutinho @ Sushupti studio / Portugal

contact :
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Mail, MSN, Booking : goodmoodhd@hotmail.com


01. Blind Society 7:01 min. / 155 bpm
02. Dysfunction 6:16 min. / 152 bpm
03. Dirty Cartoons 6:17 min. / 164 bpm
04. Tempo 6:18 min. / 152 bpm

Release Describtion :

One of the most talented producers from portugal (Helder Coutinho aka Sushupti) is ready to blast the world with his first EP "The Mental Expansion".
Mind-Expansion is very proud to share this massive peace of psytrance with all the freaks out there.
Welcome to the trippy world of Sushupti.The music on this masterpiece combines emotion and fun,
future technics in production and a lot of love!! Filled with tons of movie or cartoon samples this tunes are tripping you throu the night.
and leave you there in the morning standing on the floor , smiling and thinking ..woooow, what a ride!!
We know you will dig this!

Track infos :

01. Blind Society:

this is the wake up call for all the poor spirits that are lost in the world of the blind society.
Hold on tight we come to rescue.

02. Dysfunction:

pumping , kicking, pushing this is the way disfunction is hunting down your brain and what`s left is
the total moral breakdown of the laws and borders inside you.

03. Dirty Cartoons:

psychedelic music at its best, that gives you this magical emotional feeling... pushing, pumping and kicking all the time
to bring you pleasure and pain and to express every kind of emotion you can have on the dancefloor.

04. Tempo:

tweaking and crawling , this track will drive you mad, i promise !!

Thanks for your attention and wishing you pleasent psychedelic listenings...
Kind regards,
Mind Expansion Music

Sushupti on myspace:

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Watch out for Sushupti`s new Label Urban Antidote Records :

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…and the new VA Remedy , releasedate was february 2009 :

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…we have also updated almost all our Website with fresh news, artists and links
to bring you fresh information about whats going on with Mind-Expansion
and its artists..

Visit the brand new online shop for our music:

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