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Solestia - New Ambient Music

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Request alert!!! If someone here can send me Goa Trance CDs I´ll pay for it right away, those who has´nt been released yet.

I have a big brother who helps me in my life, he likes Goa too and he has a Visa Card. If you have copies I´ll pay right away then you send the CD.

I want the Moonquest CD Organic Vision 1 with all the great tracks from Artifatc303 and E-Mantra.

So, I pay then you send (= Regards to all you!!! Chris


I´m happy to announce that Goa has been resurrected into something so powerfull and beautiful that it tears my eyes!!! YAY


Hey, Chris be the name. Creates Ambient nowadays, apart from my classical project "Nights Amore", and gonna create Goa Trance in the oldschool way!!!

I´ll post whenever a new track is finished. I create the melodies all by myself, no cut and paste. Hope you like it (=


My love goes to:

1.Filteria - The KING of GOA :clapping:

2.Ethereal - MASTERS


4.Pleiadians - Once you were divine, now your....

5.Hallucinogen - More LSD PLEASE :lol:

6.Artifact303 - MY SOUL NEEDS YOUR MUSIC, YOU KICK ASS!!! :drama:

7.Travma - I see a bright future for you!!!

8.The Muses Rapt - Well, you created Spiritual Healing, don´t need more in my life <3 That track heals my inner, bleeding wounds

9.MFG - Prophecy and New Kind Of World, meee likeeeee

10.Antares - I bow before you :posford: :clapping:




Here you can download my first track "Disappear Without A Trace"




Now my second track is finished "On My Way To Heaven" I´m satisfied, on to the next (=



Now I´m gonna work on my album "Astral Realms And Frozen Tears", Ambient and Goa Trance in one package (x




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only twelve huh, i like your inspiration :)


and this is quite nice considering your age :)


hell yeah lol ^^ i mean wtf :blink:


don't stop making tracks like this, i wanted to listen your other track but you already removed it from youtube?

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Man, if you're really twelve years old, congratulations! :) Music is pretty nice, has a cool vibe :)

OMG your amazing!!! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC MAN!!!

I hope to go to Fullmoon in the future when I´m older, I have a miserable life, but making music helps me go along with it all /=

Peace my friend!!!


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