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V/A.-ORGANIC VISION Vol.1 (Moonquest Records)


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The big statement on the back indicates that DJs aren't allowed to play this music in a set. Might you want to rethink that?


We can authorize at anytime any DJ to play our compilation ;) ,so don't worry about that, it's all Good!

(and by the way , that's written on any CD and it didn't stop anyone playing it)


Peace! :)

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The release date is 1st of May from what we know now. :)



ORGANIC VISION Vol.1- http://moonquestrecords.blogspot.com


The organic sounds that once started in Goa, brought to you in their new-school form, taking you to a journey into the realm of spirit and trance.

"The Eternal Way cannot be told or thought, it can only be experienced!"

This is our vision- THE ORGANIC VISION

Dive into the trance and enjoy!


May your lives be beautiful...! :)

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Great compilation. They got some sweet things going on.

Be sure to get this one.


:clapping: indeed :)



I'll sent your copy soon!


for those who still whant: I have the last 7 for sale

order on pm :)


10 euro a piece, port? depends where ya live

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But it's getting a proper pressing and release in May, right?

Otherwise I have to PM you asap to get my hands on one :P

no, that "was" the original release date, now it is at my party in Belgium ;)

moved forward was the date: 4 left of'm, we sold like 40 of'm at the party: belgium scene rocks!

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Yes, so.. whats with this one and when will it be available not just to the chosen ones? I think this approach isnt doing any favour to the whole goa revival scene. This is basically already a collectors item, and what will happen from this is that few people will cash alot of money from it and music wont be cherished and appreciated by as many and as much as it should be. <_<

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