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Terrafractyl -=- Chrysalis (Sundance Records SUNCD039)

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Hi people of Psynews! :)


I thought as i just got a release date, I'd start to spread the word about my debut album on sundance records.


Uber-melodic wackness is probably the best way to describe it hehe

I hope some people out there enjoy it...


It'll be available from Saikosounds on the 24th of April

Samples are up: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7866





Posted Image


1. Chrysalis

2. Tenshu

3. Aurelia

4. Milkweed

5. Delta Wave

6. Winter - vs Quench

7. Hyphae

8. Freaky Fungus

9. Liquid Circles

10. Watch it dissolve

11. The Mind's I



Sundance records is proud to present the debut album from australian master artist, Terrafractyl. Felix Greenlees, aka Terrafractyl shows off his amazing skills in an acid drenched journey into psychedelia. Immaculately produced tracks with incredibly funky basslines and acid squiggles are just the start for this album. the addition of Intelligent samples & off the wall crazy melodies and textural basslines make this a psychdelic masterpiece that will be remembered for many years to come. Rarely does a psytrance release include so much acidic melodies over the tighest of basslines. With classical music inspiration Terrafractyl is a real treat. With pure acid injected into the main veins of psytrance, nothing can ready you for the terrafractyl experience.

Terrafractyls are not extinct, they survive alive and well in the heart of Australia, their songs of dance will be fosilized in stone as these creatures become extinct due the the influx of more mundane trance predators.

Take the terrafractyl trip, you wont be dissapointed!!!!!





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Finally Felix!!


I'm gonna assume that it took over a year longer than expected to finish this albums because you are a perfectionist =)


I'm also gonna presume that (based on the samples and your previous work) this album is in fact, PERFECT!!!


Pre-emptive album review 10/10!!!


Love your work.

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This release is indeed very good. Lots of intersting ideas can be heard through the whole album.

The first track is very beautiful and i like that it is long (11 mins) and it has enough time to reveal all its beauty.

Tenshu (nr. 2) is one of the better morning full-on tracks i've heard.

Delta Wave got some acid and nice synths, sounds like a serious business B)

Ahhh, Winter. My favourite. It uses some very well-known classic symphonic piece...think of Prometheus 9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker).

I know it's nothing new since this trick was used before but it sounds really nice up here.



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Ahhh, Winter. My favourite. It uses some very well-known classic symphonic piece...

That is obviously Winter by Antonio Vivaldi... :rolleyes:


Considering the samples, they do sound crunchy and sort of like crossbreed between Infected Mushroom and Rastaliens, but as yerg pointed out, nothing that new and that hasn't been heard before, it is nice that from time to time, someone decide to make more symphonical stuff, if only he hasn't used those full on basslines. :D

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Hi Felix!


very good work! i listen to this album over & over again... & i think that it's a very nice morning and day time trance music!... thank you for this pleasure for my mind, heart & body! i'll be wait for your new tracks!... i heard it will be soon ;)


[love & light] from Russia =)

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