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Your classic goa track of the day!


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COSMOSIS - In Yer Face (Part 2) 25 times with no attention to play something else still after .... somebody mention that guitars are lame in goa ???? not, according to master Bilbo ..... :)

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Dimension 5- Harmonic Convergence :posford:




Just wanted to say, with the kid sleeping and the wife at work, I am having myself a nice goa mix. Here it is:


Technossomy- V.T.O.L.

Jaia- Mai Mai

Etnica- Tribute

Dimension5- Harmonic Convergence

Pleiadians- Maia

Transwave- Land of Freedom (Tribute To MWNN)

Cosmosis- Gift of the Gods

GNOTR- Ring of Fire

Etnica- Vimana

Astral Projection- Nilaya

Hallucinogen- LSD

Blue Planet Corporation- Cyclothymic

X-Dream- Our Own Happiness

Man With No Name- Teleport

Ra- Universal Key

Crop Circles- Full Mental Jackpot

Tandu- New Aura

MFG- Dark Waters

Power Source- Vorlan

Psygone- Camaro Kanitou

Colorbox- CYanid

Bypass Unit- Spectral Collapse

Indoor- The Key

Deedrah- Jacopinus Delphinus

Doof- Double Dragons

O.O.O.D.- Silence

Electric Universe- One Love

Endora- Joy

Prana- Primal Orbit

UX- Master of the Universe

Ominus- Toxic Brainwaves

Fractal Glider- Skanda's Tail

GMS- Houston We Have a Problem

Sheyba- Ganesh

Orion- Liquid

Passenger- Mankind

Psychaos- Science Fiction

Semsis- Pile

Paradise Connection- Creation

Slide- Unstable

Xervana- Synthetic Body

Synsun- Gargarinz Trip

Shakta- Lepton Head Part III

Asia 2001- Rakshas




I hope I can stay awake!!!

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Huh, It would have to be Prana- Scarab (Green Nuns Of The Revolution remix)


I haven't been listening to any proper goa trance for quite some time, but these one caught me when I was totally into some stuff... Wow! Sounds hella fresh!

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