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Transylvania Calling / Gathering of the Tribes 2009


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Transylvania Calling / Gathering of the Tribes 2009

Sibiu, Transylvania





You can see the Line Up in progress at Goabase: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/34527


pls dont post anywhere as its still as said in progress!

soon the new website will be launched with info, tickets and line up


more pictures here www.cybertribe.ro



More Info:


Looking for that magical dream getaway?


Then prepare yourself for a journey which goes beyond the sense of sight, hear, smell, taste, touch.

A new dimension, a new experience...


The date for the next Tribal Gathering has already been set. The 2009 TC Experience will be a new \\\"Gathering of the Tribes\\\" and we hope many of you will find your way to us to celebrate the 4th Transylvania Calling event.


Transylvania Calling 2009 will take place as usual in a magical place in the isolated wild mountains of Transylvania near Gura Riului (Sibiu) between August 18th and 25th, however the event program will be six days (from August 19th to 24th) allowing one day before and after for arrivals and departures.


Gates will open on the 18th at precisely 11:11 am. The festival itself will start the following day, on the 19th in the Ambient Forest with an opening ceremony, performances and World Music.

The Ambient Forest Stage will run continuously until the end of the festival with a variety of sounds from World Music, Downbeat, Upbeat, Dub, Ambient and Experimental sounds provided by international Bands, Live acts and DJ´s.


The first 2 days (19th & 20th) of the festival will be focused on conferences, workshops, games, movies, and social and cultural interaction between the Tribes.


In total there will be 4 days and 4 nights (20th - 24th) of music on the Main/Dance stage with a flowing musical journey throughout the world of intelligent electronic music.


All cultural attractions, art, music concerts, DJ sets, performances, conferences and workshops will finish on August 24, at precisely 11:11 pm.


At sunset on the following day, August 25, the gates will be closed.


What can you expect from TC 2009?


You\\\'ll get into all the magic that has been produced at the edge of mainstream entertainment. Be delighted by the overwhelming cooperative and non-commercial feeling present, and be a part of a creative rebellion against normalized minds, through ancestral knowledge and visionary arts. You will enjoy the Magical Landscapes of Transylvania together with beautiful people from more then 65 Nations.




This year Transylvania Calling has decided to take a refreshing turn in our collective path to boldly go where no one has gone before...or rather where many has gone before, but it was quite some time since we did so.


Circumstances and experiences from our past tribal gatherings in the beautiful mountains and natural forests of the Transylvania region of Romania has taught us what really matters and also what does not matter so much for the essence of the experience that we desire to create in this years gathering.


The focus this year will not lie on us trying to follow the main stream festival trends - i.e. to attract a huge audience by sporting a line up that contains as many high-profile acts as possible, and leaving culture and community as something of a backwater.


We have chosen to bypass the financial politics of psy trance business and instead focus on what should really matter most - Us! The recognition and alignment with collective culture and our emerging global (sub)continent of unity-consciousness is what we find most important, not that we can proudly present the hottest names in trance!


Remembering the magic of the first Transylvania Calling festival, quality over quantity is what really works. And lets face it - there are many top quality lesser known emerging artists that despite a lower profile are able to rock our collective socks.We appreciate the growing numbers of festivals that are introducing great numbers of new people to new possible lifestyles (trance festivals are an excellent way to discover these new worlds) but these people also should understand that there is more to this amazing movement than what is perceived on the surface.


Our sub-culture is essentially rooted in music. This year we are returning to the very roots to build a new paradigm where the core experience on offer is OF COURSE a world class DJ\'s and Live acts for you to go crazy to, but the experience of re-connecting to Source, empowering ourselves, harnessing those energies and channeling them into a group vision of a future of OUR design. It is about accessing the part of you that knows that together, We can make a difference!!


When dancing together under the stars we subconsciously download and share new ideas on how to live in ways that our planet and all of its inhabitants can co-exist sustainably. All lifeforms in all kingdoms are affected by our collapsing / unstable ecosystems. With our hearts in a collective embrace, the transformation that occurs fulfils our individual destiny as we \"bring down the light\" and play our role in ushering in the new era of peace on Earth. This is the prime Aquaria n impulse - the energy is available NOW. This is what we are here for - we ARE the Trance-formation. We are writing new possible futures into the pages of our history.


We can make a difference and we believe that in these times, the experience of the reality instead of just fantasies on websites and you-tube videos is something intangible but extremely valuable.


In order for this event to happen and for us to bring it all together, the number one ingredient that we will need is : Your Help!


We can not do this alone, and we invite any talented artists to apply to contribute to this special dream gateway, but at this stage we have little money to offer in return! However, we can promise a magical setting and an unforgettable experience! With our new insights and direction, we are steering away from the commercial line up. We require stable finances for our future projects and if things go well this time around, we will assume that you too enjoy our new vision, and all surplus generated will go to an even more refined experience for you in 2010!



We will have to work hard to provide the platform and basics of it all and therefore we also want anyone who is interested in contributing to the whole - in any way! - to immediately contact us and let us know what you can provide and what you would need to do your work.


We sincerely hope you grasp the potentially transformative opportunities and events that could occur at Transylvania Calling 2009, and that you will find it in your heart to be with us and aid in manifesting \"The Vision\" - to partake in a conscious shift towards a truly free and harmonious human family.



Keep in touch.


Transylvania Calling 2009 Crew



Google Map of Location:



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Transylvania Calling 2009




Main stage !





Avalon - Nano Rec (UK)tbc


Antagon - Interzone-Pa (Germany)


Atma - YSE Rec (Romania)


AudioSex (Romania)


Asoma (Bulgaria)


Bigbacterials (Israel/Hungary)


Digitalist (Switzerland)


G-604 (Romania)


Ghreg on Earth (USA)tbc


Kalumet (Hungary)tbc


Loopus in Fabula - Fabula Rec (Italy)


oCeLoT - Zaicadelic Rec (USA)


Once Upon a Time (Bulgaria)


Paratox (Germany)


Phenotype (France)


Saikozaurus (Ukraine)


Scorb (UK) tbc


Solar Plexus (Guatemala)


Talpa (Serbia)tbc


U-Recken (Israel)


Whicked Hayo (Belgium)


Z - ShivLink Rec (Germany)



line up is subject to changes! especialy the ones with tbc are not yet 100% sure (tbc = to be confirmed)





Akira Indika - Children of Gaia (Germany)


Ant - Mind Expansion (Germany)


Ain - Sophie (Belgium)


Alpha - Interzone-Pa (Germany)


Atati - Transcarpathian Arts (Ukraine)


Cosmic - dreamtime/ Dance n Dust (Macedonia)


Cosmic Serpent - DivineMusicTribe (Sweden)


Djane Gaby-Sunlight - Dreamvision (Slovenia)


Djane Spacekicca Mind Expansion (Italy)


Daksinamurti - ShivaSpaceTechnology (Germany)


Harihara // Slovakia


Horizon - FunnyMoon (USA/Austria)


IGUANA - Naked Tourist (Germany)


Infinity - Dreamtime Prod. (Romania)


Komarchiki - Rainbow Family (Russia)


Lygos - Dreamtime Prod. (Romania)


Merry - Mind Expansion/Gaggalacka (Germany)


Nick - Shivlink Rec (India)


oCeLoT - Dropout Prod./Zaikadelic Rec. (USA)


PETRIX - TransCarpathianArts (Ukraine)


P-Mac - Ketuh Rec./BoomFestival(Austria) TBC


Psyco Zaika (Zaikadelic Records / Russia)


Saltaux - Spontaneous Aerobics Rec. (Germany)


Silmaril - Swamptales (Lithuania)


Sandal Wood - Tribal Vision Rec. (Bulgaria)


Styx - Dreamtime Prod. (Romania/Germany)


Trigo Yucatech (Ibiza/Spain)


TATA - Quest4Goa (Portugal)


Zooch - Yegaveda/ArkonaCreation (UK/Lithuania)





Djane Gaby-Sunlight - Dreamvision (Slovenia)



Djane Aluin - Ouim Org. (Bulgaria)




Die Linken Hände - Mushroom/ChaiShop/PsychedelicTraveller (Germany)



oCeLoT - Dropout Prod./Zaikadelic Rec. (USA)



Bluetech - Aleph Zero Rec. (USA) TBC



Kliment - Eletric Dream (Bulgaria)




Monkee Wonkey - double six (Cyprus)



Psy Buddha (Hungary)




Bigbacterials (Israel/Hungary)




Cosmic - dreamtime/Dance n Dust (Macedonia)



Red Serpent - Arcona Creation (Lithuania)



Chaikovsky - dreamtime (Romania)



Shambala Networks - AudiosexRec. (Romania)



Atati - TransCarpathinArts (Ukraine)



Silmaril - SwampTales (Lithuania)



Harihara - dreamtime (Slovakia)



Mana Project 2012 (Germany)



KALUMET in DUB - Psylife Music (Hungary) TBC



Matt With an S - SunshineTribe (Sweden)



Taruna Dj set - ShivaSpaceTech (Bali)



Cosmic Serpent - DivineMusicTribe (Sweden)



Cosm - dreamtime (Romania)


Ticket Prices:


30 € Pre sale (limited early bird) + comision

40 € Pre sale + comision

60 € Gate


This year all Bulgarian Citizens get free access

Drink Prices in € @ Festival:


1.50 € Beer (0.5l)

0.75 € Soft Drinks (0.5l)

1,50 € Juice (0.5l)

1,00 € Masala Chai (0.3l)

0.00 € Fresh Spring Water for free

International & Traditional Food:


Approx 3-5 € per meal


more info about the fesztival on web


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I would like to go to this beautiful thing straight after OZORA, I would consider then depending on if we had enough monies left. but due to the visa thing I have to plan everything beforehands, so, sadly, we won't make it.


it sounds and looks magical though, especially the spritual/cultural side of the festival!


have fun,




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