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Omveda Records presents V.A LEISHA ( OMVRCD002 )

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After the success of the debut compilation V.A Tapasya, we would like to thank everybody who have supported us. And so rightly, Omveda Records is proud to present its second installment....






"Angels speak. They appear and reappear.

They feel with apt sense of emotion.

While angels might become visible by choice,

our eyes are not constructed to see them ordinarily..."


~Rev. Billy Graham~



Since the time immemorial angels have paved paths for humans to walk on. They have listened to and answered our prayers, they have watched us to safety, they have made us feel their presence by the warmth of their love in times of distress.


This compilation, is an attempt to take you on a divine journey within. With the 9 unique operators in their distinctive styles, it helps you shift your frequency and takes you high to the land where our angels reside. Loose yourself to the sounds of divine. Surrender, when your angels intervene as they guide you in our conceptual journey of traversing through the mysterious depths of the night to the first rays of light.


Welcome to the realm of Omveda.



The Guardian Angels :


1. Pandora's Box


2. Silent Horror


3. Kerosene Club


4. Baphomet Engine


5. Braindrop


6. Polyphonia


7. Ghreg on Earth


8. Frantic Noise


9. Pulse



More info soon!



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