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Etnica/Pleiadians Interview?

Magus Knight

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So i was wondering.. i have been scanning the whole internet now and also some remote places of the universe for an interview with these secret guys.. hehe so whats up, where they just to paranoid to make any interviews? Or is there any interviews with them in some old psy trance related magazine from the 90´s? I think it would be a good addition to the interview section of this site to have an interview with them.

Anyone here who is going to the pleiades star cluster any time soon and can bring back an interview? :lol:


Would be interesting to read something about what equipment they used and so on, what their influences has been for the music etc.

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Ok, here is one. Listening to it now. It's more recent though, but supposedly they (Max & Maurizio) discuss the early years.




Scroll down about 85% down the page to Chaishop Music News 060.


Hey man thanks a lot! :D Will take a listen now B)


*edit* I have now listened to it, and i must say it was a pretty cool interview :-) i like how they disslike the use of guitars in psy in one part of the interview, to bad there was some problem with the mic there or something so not everything he said could be heard :D


Also interesting to hear about how it all started and how they used old ataris and stuff.

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