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Psykovsky - Da Budet


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Artist........ Psykovsky

Album......... Da Budet

Genre......... Psychedelic

Label......... Tantrum Records

Hyperlink..... http://www.tantrumrecords.org/

Catalog....... TANCD007

Store.Date.... 2009-01

Release.Date.. 2009-01-16

Playtime...... 78:36 min


Da Budet is the second album composed by Psykovsky...

...and is a momentous sequel to the Debut album. Da Budet embodies the essence of the unique Psykovsky style and captures the artist's musical evolution.


Formless acoustics set against rhythms, classical contexts and tempos that evolve and ascend.all contribute to awesome soundscapes that create vivid images.

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Album contains music!??! ZOMG! >9000/10

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Are you reefering to the "unique Psykovsky style"? What is that anyway?

I'm referring to the 'review'.

As for the music, will report later this week - I should receive it today :)

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half way through the cd now and heh heh this is very very crazy stuff.


a release post 2000 should be proud of (based on the concept post 2000 music is looked as not being as good as pre 2000)

I don't think this kind of madness compares to anything pre 2000 though :P
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the album has a lot in common with the first album, but more power, tighter sound and overall a lot faster. some tracks have normal bpm's but others change a lot and are very high.. but he still got the fucked up atmos and switches! I didn't heard it completely, but some parts are the craziest pieces of music I have ever heard!!

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