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People Walk Funny

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People Walk Funny

Cronomi Records


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1 - OOOD - Freon (First Time Lucky '98 mix)

2 - New Born - Purity

3 - K.O.B. - Go Cyborg!

4 - Jikkenteki - Automagic (Subra Remix)

5 - PortaMento - Sugar Shock

6 - Liquid Flow - Synergy

7 - Artifact303 - Levitation Device

8 - Amanians - Fireworks

9 - Artha - Sannjasin


Mastering by Colin Bennun


I am happy to present to you the new Cronomi Records compilation - People Walk Funny. As the name suggests, people do indeed walk funny. And while they're doing it, why not add some crazy psychedelic Goa Trance to it? If you want Goa which is dirty, psychedelic, fast and hard yet true to the sources of Goa Trance - you've come to the right place. Each track in here has something for both the mind and the body, starting with some night psychedelia and ending in morning mayhem. Be sure not to miss it! :)



Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//inde...eCd&id=1848

Release date: 2009-03-27

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Awesone CD cover, phenomenal title, and the artist roster is much better and, at first sight, eye appealing than the one presented on V/A Freshly Cut Tomato.


Will purchase, unless I forget. Keep 'em coming!

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woow K.O.B. , Jikkenteki , Portamento , Liquid Flow , Artifact 303 , Artha Sound very promising :) looking forward to this one .

im sure that this is very good story i can`t wait to hear it



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I'm really starting to feel goa is alive again <3 <3


Artifact303 was like a flashback to old pleiadians sound. New Born was just what I was expecting to hear after the magnificent "observer ep". Amanians track was kind of goa I've never heard before, really cool. I guess it's not necessary to say I enjoyed all the samples lol!


All in all this seems like a must buy. :)

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ahoi! great news. awesome tracklist and sounding very mature!! (as i hear from samples on arabesque) great follow to freshly cut tomatoes!

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