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Astrancer is the newschool GOD!


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LOL. Gods. I'm sure nor even those big acts see themselves as "gods" because we artists are never happy with the sound we do!

Anoebis , 2-3 albums to be a God? Then should i consider myself one because all my albums are all fantastic to me then and because i have more then 2-3 albums? LOL

This community makes no sense at all . ROTFL.


Astrancer (Bruno) is sure a nice person he's been doing his life and dropping some tunes , he has his ideas and for sure he has some great music despite it might or not get "labelled" or not.

Chances are that he might because the Fountain can drain out of water and people will go and search for water over the same place or else they will die on thirst ;) .

Glad i got my own Tap to drink then! :D




I did not understand what you just said Posted ImagePosted Image



You are right: "This community makes no sense at all . ROTFL."



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The only "gods" are the ones on the dancefloor. The rest is nonsense!



Liquid Sky is another Favorite i discovered of his :P


Listening to Dzog Chen as i write this, amazing quality indeed, Goa has evolved to the best and still can only grow much further!


Goa Trance FTW!


Glad to be part of the family of listeners of this beautiful music!


Seth/Plasma Force

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Finally he's on YouTube with these 2 tracks:


Astrancer - Cristo-Sol



Astrancer - Dzog Chen (Remix)


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I have to agree here...it's one of the best (and in each case a personal favorite) Newschool artist. His eastern-influenced tracks are unbelievably good and in general his music is full of detail and depth I can only wish to achieve some day myself. Next to that he's also a very friendly person, and he also likes to listen Nitzhonot, which result in a 100% taste match! : D


I have to fully agree with that! Astrancer makes really really good music. The depth, quality and non-generic sound is just unbelievable. Tracks like blazar, dzog chen, ashram are just pure genius, some of the best newskool tracks I've ever heard. There's not a single other newskool artist who comes near this kind of perfection.

I must say most his tracks aren't really dancefloor killers, put on some headphones and close our eyes. He'll take you places you could never even imagine ;)

sigh... how I wish I could do what he does :P


Bruno for president!

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Astrancer is too newschool Goaish to me. It sounds very newschool goa Trance in any way. there are some good tracks but really strong elements are missing somehow. For example the strong melodies you would hear on Astral or MFG albums or MFG. someone mentioned that it is not generic, but compare it to man with no name - under the influence, that is a really driving track. So I better listen to that than to the strange orientalic eastern melodies from Astrancer, that would better feet in Arabic tracks, preying fro Allah than in Goa Trance.


When you hear tracks from The Infinity Project, Man with no Name, Order Ordonata artists, or some of the israelian stuff, you can hear that one Goa Track by them has elements that can be used for 4 newschool Goa tracks. Just take Under the Influence for an example.

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