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Suntrip T Shirts (and the Freeze mix-cd) for sale :)


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Hello Everyone!


We are back with new Suntrip T Shirts! :) The first 50 were sold out in no-time... :) Now we printed some more, and everyone can choose out of 3 different kinds! :)


The D5-like print, the I-Love-Nature-Treeprint and the classical Apsara/Mandala print :)


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


There are both male and female T shirts as wel! :)


You can order small, medium, large and extra large of course! :) Here a picture of all possible combinations! :)

Just mail what colour you want!


Posted Image


The price is 15€, and we can guarantee you it is of TOP quality :)


A second thing we offer now is this magazine in Greek including a mix-cd made by me (Anoebis) with all my Suntrip favourites :) Also there is a track on it from Merr0w to be released in his upcoming album. THe price of this cd and magazine = 6€! :) So cheap!


The english version of the article will be available within one week on our site as well :) For all info about that release:






if you want to order, please write it to: ORDER@SUNTRIPRECORDS.COM


(And don't forget, we have ALL the other Suntrip cds in stock as well for 10€ except Apsara and Twist Dreams who are sold out completely! :)



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Can I make reservations by mailing ORDER@SUNTRIPRECORDS.COM?

I'm currently out of money and I really want one of those

You're gonna make suntrip famous for bad artwork. :(

God I wonder why does psynews attract so many fucktards.

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The artwork looks very simple and cheesy, similarly to lots of their CD artworks. Are you denying that? Maybe you're the real "fucktard" who needs to get glasses.

the artwork of the cds simple?


I think it is one of the very few covers today of an artists that worked for 1 month on a single cover! The painting for Opus iridium for example is 2 by 2 meters or something in real, and it actually is super detailed...


Maybe it is not your style, ok, but certainly not simple.

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Actually I think Opus Iridium and all the other compilations have a pretty nice cover, but most of the others are not very good looking, especially Goasia (lame), Khetzal (lame), Ra (lacking) and Filteria (just looks gross). The Ka-Sol artwork is pretty cool I must say.

well, I and Fabien only designed the compilations of course...


The others are decieded by the artists mostly, but I think most of them look good (altough I agree Ra is maybe not the best :P)

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you mean the size of the T Shirts?


S-M-L-XL and XXL, I will ask Fabien to mail me the exact cm if needed (they are at his home at the moment) :)


Posted Image




Chest/top to bottom please :D


Better picture of black Apsara-style t-shirt please!

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Gah no decent colour combinations (I really hate the colour yellow :P). I probably won't be able to buy for a couple of months, but will there be any chance of a black base/background colour and purple or red or anything thats not yellow really design for either the d5 or apsara shirt in the somewhat near future?

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I would be interested as for buying a shirt or two, it's been a long time since i've posted here. and i've greatly upped my cd collection with suntrip cds since last time.

I got Opus Iridium for christmas as well as Khetzal, I got both Filteria albums, and i got Ra 9th


I Would like to get two t-shirts i just can't decide on colours or design.. I'm a medium btw.


I could use some help choosing though :-) hope i could get some good inputs as for choosing some great shirts :D

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