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OOOD - aLIVE (1996)

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OOOD is very pleased to announce the re-release of our first album aLIVE, in partnership with Ektoplazm.



This album was recorded in 1996/7, and released on the Brighton-based Cabbaged Records in 1996. The tracks were all recorded live at various goa/psy parties in the UK. In 1999 the original artwork (by Cabbaged and the ThikBreakfast Holding Company) was replaced after the original distributors went bankrupt, and a limited number of copies were sold independantly in the new packaging.


Released under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use:




1. Cobra (8:33)

2. Karmic Suture (7:53)

3. Cthullu (7:58)

4. Cosmic Ripple (7:04)

5. Herbs And Spices (7:25)

6. Silence (8:30)

7. Two Dawns Over Baleswar (9:48)

8. Kundalini (9:52)

9. Rifa (6:46)


Personnel: Colin Bennun, Stephen Callaghan, Nigel Bradbury


For the geeks

The equipment used in the creation of this album (MIDI only, no digital audio) was:

40MHz 386 PC running Cubase Score, 2 in/2 out MIDI interface

Ensoniq EPS16+ sampler (1MB memory, stereo outputs)

Roland TB303 (modified)

Yamaha CS15 (modified)

Roland SH101 (modified)

Silver Machine (home-built analog synth)

EMS Synthi

Kawai K1

Korg DW6000

Studiomaster 16 channel analog mixer

Mutronics Mutator (prototype and production versions)

DOD digital delay guitar pedal


Hope you enjoy this blast from our past!


Please also check out our most recent album Fourthought, available now on Phar Psyde Records http://www.phar-psyde.com

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