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tribal industrial


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Have you heard the new Ulf album "Inland"? So fucking good, he is a master. For tribal stuff (some of this is more on the dark ambient side but its all kinda industrial-y) I like Herbst9, Geomatic, Vasilisk, Rukkanor, Flint Glass, Wychdoktor, Raison d'etre side project Svasti-ayanam, Exotoendo, Inner Vision Laboratory - Spellbound EP (his stuff is great but that ep specifically is super tribal), Maculatum, Phelios, and FLA Vector & Tribal AD for a less good This Morn Omina vibe. Also I recommend my own stuff cause i've got a lot of tribal bits, def influenced by Ulf and TMO




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oh hi ... almost missed this thread

Yes I have heard Inland ... and at the same time I feel a bit sad that this album was released in such small quanitites and only for the CMI night ... which I could not attend - which makes me frown even more, because Ulf Söderberg played live there (so I read) ... and he doesn't make many gigs anymore...
But Ulf's a genius ... period.

The other recommendations were good, one sticks out, I get to it later. The point, though, is, that I actually am not that much of an "ambient guy" ... I think I have a problem with electronic ambient ... I can take it, but not too much of it, there are only few exceptions. Ulf was one. His ambient didn't make me sad, it was a clarifying, comforting sound ... with accents of warmth due to the real instruments that he used. And here's the point: I like ambient with real instruments ... the more ancient these are and the more heritage these got, the better. Wardruna for example ... they use lots of norse instruments and I can't get enough of it. But when the ambient is all electronic, it's kinda hard to take for me. Carbon Based Lifeforms for example, once my favourite ambient band, now only make me sad when I hear them ... I can't help myself ... it has become as depressing as dark ambient - yet maybe dark is even better because for me it's not tied to feelings of love or care but only to cold emptiness. The stuff is simpler to grasp and maybe even surprising when there's still cheerfulness to be discovered ... where in psybient it's mostly the other way round for me these days. I never thought I'd say it once, but I really _can not_ hear too much of that electronic psy-ambient sound anymore as it drags me down mentally and I don't get these noises and depressing melodies out of my head for days. Want to avoid that... So really, the electronic ambient artists that I like have dwindled to a handful of specialities...

On 10/16/2018 at 11:15 PM, winterelegy said:

FLA Vector & Tribal AD

Here, that's the one that sticks out. So good! You're right it's like a light version of tmo in some way, but I like the industrial roughness. I do like this type of powerful sounds ... recently got into Ah Cama-Sotz ... knew him for a long time, but only got into it recently:

That, however, sets the tone for a different genre. I am looking for tribal here.

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there's a new one by This Morn Omina, it's called The Roots of Saraswati ... bloody awesome, but don't be fooled by the indian title suggesting it might be peaceful, it's dark and intense and mysterious, just like good whisky -_-

I'm not fully through yet, but here's a playlist:


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