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Who's released the most "strong" albums?

Jon Cocco

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NOT which is your favorite album or which is the strongest album in Psytrance. No. We've done that 100x before :P

The question is: Which group or artist has released the MOST strong albums?


If you asked my opinion..



Juno Reactor

That 2008 album didn't impress me though, but it had its moments. They've released around 7 (!!!) albums if you include Luciana.


- 2004: Labyrinth

- 2000: Shango

- 1997: Bible of Dreams

- 1996: Beyond the Infinite

- 1994: Tansmissions



Astral Projection

I can name at least 3-4 and you know which ones they are. I;ll add Astral Files too for being a strong remix album mainly.


- 1999: Another World

- 1997: Dancing Galaxy

- 1996: The Astral Files

- 1996: Trust In Trance




Because the've released at least 3-4 strong albums.


- New Kind of World

- Project GEnesis

- The Prophecy




I hope the next album is great, if there is a next album (?!). Add their side projects. Albums I didn't find great not listed below.


- The Delta - Scizoeffective (side project)

- COP (side project)

- Radio

- We Created Our Own Happiness

- Trip to...




Because Twisted is awesome and The Lone Deranger is a strong follow up IMO. So this artist is 2 for 2 here. 1 out of 1 doesn't count for this thread. You need several strong albums.

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Guest E-Mantra

bypass unit Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses

MFG -all their stuffs

Infinity project feeling weird

Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra

Suria - Dark Side Of The Sun


AND very strong :P

hux flux cryptic crunch and offcourse PLEIADIANS

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The last Ernica albums weren't that good, the same for the third Pleiadians, but we're talking about a group that have released Alien Protein, IFO, Family Of Light and soon Tetrahedron!


Astral Projection:

Everything except Amen is a 10/10 from me. (Of course I don't count Ten as an album).



Again everything except the last one (which as a full on album is more than good) is perfect.


And many-many-many more artists that have released 2 or more great albums.

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MFG - Project Genesis

Asia 2001 - Live

Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

UX - Ultimate Experience

SynSUN - The Full Power Of Goa

Sneila - Implosion

Transwave - Backfire

Pleiadians - I.F.O.

Hunab Ku - Magik Universe

Jaia - Blue Energy

Miranda - Phenomena

RA - To Sirius

Astral Projection - (many tracks, I wouldn't say a whole album though)

Chi-A.D. - (many tracks, I wouldn't say a whole album though)

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I wouldn't really consider an artist with only 2 or 3 albums viable for this thread... After all, psytrance has been around for almost 15 years now, more than enough time to release more than 2-3 albums IMO


Anyway, my vote definatley goes for Etnica: basically the only artists that were around since day 1 of the goa music scene and still make good stuff :)

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that's easy for me:




2001: freakin' great album!

Space: freakin' great album!


and all legal and illegal follow-ups: freakin' great aswell!

And actually this guy has no bad track. Old stuff great, new stuff great. So much for that.


Of all albums I own, these two (three actually ;) ) are easily the most played ones. I just love that music. There is no album "stronger" than these.

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you guys suck. he said most strong albums,not just one album you like.


anw, have to go with eat static. ftw all the way. and then fsol, all the rest have been mentioned by cocco. there are other ppl like klaus schulze, namlook, steve roach as well but not psytrance per se.

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It is a difficult one because most artists that released a lot dropped in quality especially towards the end!


I agree with P(sy)ayam, Solar Fields started out pretty good & his albums have gotten stronger and stronger. His upbeat album was fantastic too.


But overall I'd say Gus Till

Everything released as Slinky Wizard was amazing!!! Zen Lemonade made a great album, The 2 albums Gus Till Best of the Rhino Years were mind blowing, BUS was incredible & morebusinesslinkyouthere didn't get the attention that it deserved, brilliant album really. His chillout albums also are amazing from Dub Shadows to Electric Oceans & his recent Aquana - Stillness Vol.1 is top notch stuff. Everything he's done has been incredible for me. Gus Till FTW :posford:

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I have no choice but agreeing with:


Astral Projection

Juno Reactor





If I may add:


Jaïa - Blue energy and Fiction

Electrypnose - Le tireur de ficelles and Subliminal melancholies

Shulman - Soundscapes and modern tales / In search of a meaningful moment / Endless rhythms of the beatless heart

Infected Mushroom - The gathering / Classical mushroom / BP Empire / IM the supervisor (yes i like it)

Talpa - The art of being non and when the somberness becomes a game

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