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Anthony Rother


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... so I will bring this topic up again.


Over the last years, I have become more and more a fan of Anthony Rother.

I enjoyed Popkiller II, by the way.

But now I even like more and more tracks that I didn't like at first. The "Telekraft" album is pretty much great, even though it didn't really appeal to me at first. And there's more. And more. Also the ambient. And the livesets, amazing! And the new stuff.


And now he's even back with this:




Pure, perfect technical sound, depicting what I loved from the start: this peculiar critical mindset when depicting modern technical and computerized themes, even paired with philosophy. And all wrapped in this perfect sound. Perfect for city walks in the night. The album has been ordered already...

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I am back with this thread - and there is a reason: there's a new album out from Anthony Rother, released in January 2021 ... it's called "Weltmacht Digital" ... and interestingy, it's the spritual successor of "Netzwerk der Zukunft", the one that I posted last.



The albums "Hacker", "Netzwerk der Zukunft" and "Weltmacht Digital" form a trilogy ... or so I believe he said himself. I read it somewhere.

I just thought I'll post this ... since the last one was liked by a few people.

It's a brilliant work, very much in the vein of this "technology-critical" vibe that I like so much. I had the pleasure to drive to this full piece on the highway and it was just phenomenal, this work of art is just made for it ... let me just say, I felt that every single sound has its place - and the fact that the album repeats with different mixes is an awesome twist - I didn't even register that at first, I just thought "imma listen again", not realizing it were different mixes and thus (naturally) I found many different passages in the tracks ... got a huge smile as I realized that it were the mixes - Anthony did get me big time there B)

I don't need to mention that I have stayed a huge fan of Anthony Rother and I hope I'll stay for a long time in this place because he'll hopefully be making more of this brilliant stuff :wub:

By the way, there were also two more major albums by Anthony Rother (his upbeat side) in the last years, both very good - unfortunately I was too late to get a physical copy of "3L3C7RO COMMANDO" ... the other one "Cyberspace Reality" is just available digitally...
I actually thought I'd hate digital albums. But that trip on the highway wouldn't have been possible without the album being digital (with this one really everything has its place). I will definitely buy the other one too :)

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I liked AR quite a bit 10 years ago or so., but it was not "memorable" enough stuff to be in my top20 or so. However he is still better then probably 90% of "electronic producers" out there. He uploaded some "live jams" eg. here:

I hear it still quite monotone stuff but also still better then most... wonder for what he needs the ton of synths his sounds are not that

complicated / diverse... but seems a nice collection


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On 3/1/2021 at 3:45 PM, Multi-Media said:

wonder for what he needs the ton of synths his sounds are not that complicated / diverse... but seems a nice collection

He seems to use every synth only in one layer. And for every production he chooses a setup - that means he's never gonna use them all, only a select few.

And the sound doesn't seem so special at first, I agree ... but as I listened longer, I started to get what it is about, the fine bits that you can only get right with that peculiar equipment...

It's a whole different approach than to model everything in cubase and play every layer with the same synth (or one of a few).

Of all, I like most the videos where he performs his own tracks in that manner because they show this exactly ... it also helps with the understanding of his synth concept:

edit: the "E-Mu Emulator II" synth playing in that video is obviously really just doing that low-down "component" (no other word for it) on the bassline (most audible at the end) :)

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On 3/4/2021 at 11:52 AM, Multi-Media said:

I think the Hacker is somewhat simmilar to AR:

I do like the Hacker a lot indeed as well...

... but this new track by Anthony is seriously out of this world if you ask me.

I can not even think of ANY other artist whom I would consider being able to pull this off:

"I am not real.
I am not here.
I am a virtual machine
running an operating system;
A.I. Technology
predicting someones future."


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