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Extrawelt - SchÖne Neue Extrawelt


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01. One Tree Hill

02. Dark Side Of My Room

03. Wippsteert

04. Messy Machinery

05. Must Attack

06. Trummerfeld

07. Wolkenbruch

08. Added Planet

09. Kurt Curtain

10. Daten Raten

11. Lost In Willaura

12. Homing



So, finally long awaited album. Very high expectations. And so, they pleased high expectations. But there is something missing. Melodies ?

Ugh, yeah. But even without those melodies, this is one very delicious dark album. This album is pretty dark and very primal. Such variety of styles, subversive approach, and not an easy listening.


This album is not a crowd pleaser, it rather confronts you with your fears and miscalculations. It is unpredictable and diabolic. It sets you on a very private journey. Not at all clubbing music. Introspective home listening bomb. Especially with good headphones. This album is full of sounds, various glitches, noises, it is on borderline between IDM, breakbeat, electro and minimal techno. Very subversive approach as I have already mentioned. Sounds rather post apocalyptic, cyber melancholic.


Maybe it is not as engaging on the first listen, but on the second one it started growing on me. You can clearly hear strong Midi Miliz influences on this one, cause Extrawelt haven't been this dark before. They've decided to change the course, wheter it's better or for worse, they still managed to pull it, those guys are surely experienced sound designers. I don't need to mention that production is impeccable and their sonic manipulations are very satisfying.


All in all, very good album, with Minilogue - Animals, my favourite album from this year for sure. This new minimalistic style trance producers approached is much more engaging than any of the new trance releases. This album might become a bomb, we will see, its underground feel may even make it unoticeable, but for sure it will stay very long in every listeners mind. 9/10

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I must say I was kinda dissapointed by this one. It's not bad by no means. It's well produced and very intelligent but it lacks the sparks of Soopertrack, Stamgast, Titelheld and more. I wrote a Hebrew review for this one on another site and gave it 3.5/5

Surely worthy a check.

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This release from Extrawelt is excellent! IF YOU USE IT AS DJ MATERIAL! I am not meaning to slag it off! At a first listen I was really excited, but I got excited over the fact how I would use these tracks for djing, not over the fact that they gave me chills. However lately, I am looking more for tracks for djing and experimenting with and not full tracks that will give you instant chills (soopertrack).


From a dj point of view: 6/5

From a listener point of view: 3.5/5 like pavel




Spankiu furry mach and good bye!



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'm lsitening to it right now, I'm at track 6 now and so far every track sounded very nice. The style is a it changed to something less melodic and more subtle and also more psychedelic in production, but different in the global feeling. So far very good, but I hope there is at least one track that has the melodic feeling of the old tracks.

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There is still the subtle "Special MidiMiliz Crew" influence in the rhythms, the distorted, delicious muttering vocals, and the louche/menacing background treatment with its understated snarl, walking softly and carrying a big stick.


But please, go no further down the track toward generic minimalism; it's diluting the genius of these excellent producers. Don't get me wrong, I am still buying this release to support these top-drawer artists, but I don't think it will stand out from the crowd in, say, five years, as head-and-shoulders above any other release of the era. I think the crew needs to spend less time with other minimal producers, and listen more carefully to their own muse. It still knows best, and in fact we need it to keep showing the way of pure innovation.


Having said that, several tracks here are outstanding. Midimiliz/Extrawelt are of course my personal favourite producers of all time in any genre, so I have rose-coloured headphones here. And I am still grateful that they continue to try new things with their own delicate touch. Stay interested and interesting, guys!



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... last night, I listened to this disc from end to end at home.


Gosh! I'm in love!


The key is not to listen with expectations of psy-tech. It's more a seamless electronica album that slowly, gracefully, just plain makes your life better. There are a few tracks that will also work in a DJ set, but that's not the main point here.


This is me retracting my initial, hasty 4/5 and not replacing it. This record is not in the out-of-five game.





Just in case they read this stuff, guys, please, keep on the path of track #8, "Added Planet". Thanks for going to The Secret Place to farm this huge revelation. This is the kind of breathless perfection that, once we've understood it, we cannot imagine a world without it. This kind of groundbreaking work sets Midimiliz/Extrawelt above all others as pioneers of sound. Wow.

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This is one of those records that really grows on you. At first I was kinda disappointed because there are no huge tracks on here (except Trümmerfeld or Dark Side of My Room maybe). But now I cant get it out of my player, I listen to it all day long every day. Really deep and subliminal, it always reminds me of a semi-dormant brooding volcano, you can feel the raw power underneath the seemingly calm surface...


Definitely recommended, but give it some time.


Fav. tracks are One Tree Hill, Dark Side..., Trümmerfeld, Homing, but all the others are great, too.

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I liked this album. I had already heard them at Boom Festival in August so I had a fair idea of what to expect. It is not a very flashy album and it may not feel like obviously brilliant, especially at first. It is a rather subtle but still intriguing and enjoyable. I find it a very relaxing and spliff-friendly album. The album also has an unusually smooth flow - the tracks really all do fit together. I liked it, but Midi Milliz and Spirallianz fans should give it a listen instead of buying it blind.






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