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Uplifting Psy-Trance Mix, Live @ Sunrise 27/09/08


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recorded my set at Sunrise on Saturday morning and it's now been uploaded and is available for download. It's about 2 and a half hours long and can be downloaded from the below link. B)


Ped - Live @ Sunrise 27/09/08



1. Alternative Control vs Itza - Girl's Trace In Control Space

2. Freq - Stone-Shaker (Protoculture Remix)

3. Protoculture - Ghosts In The Machine

4. Sesto Sento - Open Up

5. Zikimoto - Maniac

6. Bizzare Contact - Take Control

7. Sesto Sento - Matzo Brei

8. Ultravoice vs Bizzare Contact vs DJ Feio - Nasty (Bizzare Contact vs Electro Sun Remix)

9. System Nipel - Absolute Trancelucent

10. Bizzare Contact - The Beach (System Nipel Remix)

11. Sesto Sento - Dive To Drive (Visual Contact Remix)

12. Indra - Dance Floor

13. System Nipel - Donkey Drunky

14. Vibe Tribe vs Gataka vs Electro Sun vs Ziki - Tokyo Tel-Aviv

15. Electro Sun vs System Nipel - We Can Dance

16. Cosmic Tone - I Volume

17. Tikal - Attention

18. Ziki vs Sesto Sento - Trance N' Roll

19. Last Men Standing - Beat The Base

20. Domateck - Power Unit

21. Cosmic Tone - End Of Time

22. Wrecked Machines - High Hopes

23. Analyzer - Fluffy

24. System Failure - All Good

25. David Guetta - Love Is Gone (Digital Tribe Remix)

26. Freaked Frequency - Diabla

27. System Nipel vs Visual Contact - Bizzare Nipel

28. Indra - Shipment Servings


Enjoy! :posford:




More mixes available from dj-ped.co.uk

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Hey, man, I look forward to listening to this set! I LOVED Musical Medicine. I'm a regular on TranceAddict.com, so I saw it there and posted it in the "Best Mixes" thread.




I look forward to listening to more of your stuff! Keep em coming! :lol:

Cheers dude. :) I've got a couple more on my website in that vein, in particular I'd recommend you check out Psyforia - the full list of what I've got available is here.

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d/ling, been looking for something and this mix may just be it...

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