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Burn in Noise - Passing Clouds


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Now we're talking! Full-on is alive and well in 2008 and this release proves it. I love the big, long track-by-track reviews but I don't have the time or the nuanced taste to post one of those myself. So here's a teaser review and maybe someone more ambitious will take up the baton after me.


I'd call this morning full-on probably, although it's not fluffy/proggy/trancey like a lot of morning material. But it's not super dark and twisted either. It reminds me a bit of the '02-'03 era when artists like Wizzy Noise were at the top of their game (not to say that it sounds *like* Wizzy all that much).


It's hard to say specifically what I like so much about Passing Clouds. It has the right mix of ingredients to evoke that trippy dancefloor vibe that I crave. No cheese, no lame vocals, no fricken electro. Just the right mix of beats, melodies, sounds, effects and samples. Absolute quality in every track.


If it had just a little more originality and a little more novelty it would be perfect. But as it is I highly recommend it to full-on fans. Very good!


EDIT: Sigh. I jumped the gun a bit on this review. After repeated listenings I'd say it's good, but definitely not great. There are a lot of nice elements but it's lacking a bit of melody and definitely needs some more originality to truly break out of the pack. There are no surprises, nothing to really get the adrenaline going.


Tracks 1, 2 (with Cosmosis), 5 and 9 are the best.

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This album is a very good example of how to create groovy full on that is not cheesy or annoying, it's got just the right balance.


On the downside the tracks are too much alike each other, not really much innovation or propositions, it's the classic example of an artists who has good material for an EP but makes and album.

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His first album had more variation but I like the style of this one more. An EP with about 4 tracks would have been the perfect format for this. Half the tracks with a bigger concentration of ideas is far better than a 9 Track album with 2 good titles. It still a good album and better than a lot Full On stuff coming these days.

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Burn In Noise - Passing Clouds (2008)

Burn in noise present us here fullon but this is not morning fullon at all.

A darker atmosphere is used and considering it's fullon the level off psychedelic is high.

It's 'sound' has a sort of 'rave' touch what makes it a bit sturdy. Striking is the way how

Burn in noise plays variated with his bass and kicks in tracks and from track to track.

Listening to the entire album can be a bit repetitive cause he has chosen for a minimal approach

so the baseline is always at top (depends on how long you can hear those fullon baselines).

The intro from the first track with Terence Mckenna speaking is well put.

Fans of headroom will embrace this album. I would suggest to call this night fullon.


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Yeah, I'm just not feeling this. It's full-on (a la a stripped down Braincell) with some great effects, but it has some stretches where it's just you, a kick, and a bass line. Positives would include the atmospheric break work and the aforementioned effects, but I'm afraid I'm gonna need a little more. That said the 2nd half of the CD is quite strong.


Close, so close...

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