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Top 10 Psytrance albums, of all time


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It's bound to change with time. But these are the ones I have listened to the most thus far.


Atmos - Headcleaner

Cujorius One - Art of Mindfucking

Haldolium - Deagua

Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch

Koxbox - Dragon Tales

Juno Reactor - Transmissions

Krumelur - Minimal Animal

Process - One Drop Or Two?

Shiva Chandra - Auricular

X-Dream - Radio

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This is so hard!


1)Hallucinogen - Twisted

2)Planet B.E.N - Trippy Future Garden

3)Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 3

4)Etnica - Alien Protein

5)Cosmosis - Synergy

6)Darshan - Awakenings

7)X-dream - Radio

8)Doof- Let's Turn on

9)Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is Child's Play

10)Pleiadians - Identified Flying Object


A lot of my favourite tracks are from EPs however, such as:

MWNN - Lunar Cycle

Etnica - The Italian EP

Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon

Transwave - Datura

Power Source - Goaway/Gargamel EP

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I am late but what so ever:


In no particular order:


Green Nuns of the Revolution- Rock Bitch Mafia (Flying Rhino)

Hallucinogen - Twisted (Dragonfly)

Gus Till - Best of the rhino years (Flying Rhino)

Noma - Navigator (Spiral Trax)

Younger Brother - A flock of bleeps (Twisted)

Atmos - Headcleaner (Spiral Trax)

Ticon - Aero (Digital Structures)

Logic Bomb - Unlimited (TIP.World)

The Infinity Project - feeling weird (TIP)

Vibrasphere - Echo (Spiral Trax)

X-Dream - Radio (Blue Room)

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams (Blue Room)

Purple - several EPs e.g. subtle thrust (Transient/Dragonfly...)

Planet B.E.N - Future trippy Garden (Polytox)

Slide - Saturnalia (Transient)

Process -One drop or two (Creamcrop)

Noosphere - Radiated (Twisted)

Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (Blue Room)

Saikopod - Phutures and Options (Spiral Trax)

Pleiadians - IFO (Dragonfly)

Shakta - Silicon Trip (Dragonfly)

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- Pleiadians: I.F.O.
- Hallucinogen: Twisted
- Etnica: Live In Athens 1996
- Filteria: Daze Of Our Lives
- Hallucinogen: The Lone Deranger

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There are quite a lot of incredible albums out there... I enjoy a lot of different styles. Here are ten of my favorites right here. The first three albums are over three hours long.


Sanathana - HOMA

Spruce - Origins

Spruce - Ubkivad Omniheita

CinderVOMIT - The Wizards Cauldron

Electrocado - The Hass Effect

VA - Haters Gonna Hate

VA - Momento Demento

VA - Through the Afterlife

VA - Nine Spheres to Enlightenment

VA - Opus Iridium

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