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Artax - "8 Bits of Bliss"


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Hhmm I dunno about that - first of all, the video game sound elements are only sprinkled throughout the album, they're not the main attraction by any stretch - the sound here is very fresh and creative and at times deeply moving and beautiful - I love the retro 80's/Kraftwerk thing he does...


So far my fav psytrance album of the year - highly recommended..


There's a guy on Discogs who has it out for Artax too - same guy gave both his albums 1/5 which I don't understand at all...


Artax, IMO, is the new voice of the Swedish psytrance scene, what with Hux-Flux and Logic Bomb putting out fairly generic sounding albums on their most recent effort...

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I liked the general idea behind this album, though half of the tracks seem to lack something the second half doesn't. I think if he works more on this concept, we might see some interesting and original music.


Favs so far:

2 Transformed,

5 Castle of the 8 Blissed Bits,

8 Esky Killer & The Doofers of Oz

9 Happy Schenaniganze

10 We Are Eating Ants

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