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Wizack Twizack - Dead End

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Artist: Wizack Twizack
Title: Dead End
Label: Namaha Records
Release: June, 2008

1. Intro (0:36)
2. Welcome To Knutby (7:38)
3. Intelligent (7:58)
4. Multi Pressure (7:11)
5. Lucky Strike (7:15)
6. Hide The Gold (7:21)
7. Reduced Signal (7:14)
8. Purple Haze (6:48)
9. The Explorer (7:54)
10. Stereo Sushi (7:32)
11. Razors And Ice cream (7:26)

Wizack Twizack is Tommy Axelsson from Sweden. He released his debut Behind the Trees in 2005 and I can remember thinking this guy has a vivid imagination. I think it would be fair to say his music tends to be towards the darker side of trance as he has released a lot of tracks on plenty of compilations. I always found his tracks to be very deep and look forward to hearing this disc. The cover is pretty cool. A rainbow bridge (Norse mythology the Bifrost bridge leads from Midgard (land of mortals) to Asgard (home of the Gods)) leads to an unknown planet which is a dead end. I like it. So let's see what the tracks say.

Intro- This is just that, an intro. A synthesized voice (like the one from the zombies in the movie Evil Dead) speaks of drugs, I believe, and it sounds pretty evil.

Welcome To Knutby- The piano melody moves with speed over the machine gun bass line. That evil voice comes back, and I still can't make out what it says. The track rises and falls as effects give me a feeling of uncertainty. The melody is warped and keeps the tone dark. A twisted lead spills over, as the another synth joins in to continue the ride. As the piano melody returns, yet another lead chimes in and while it isn't in the same key, it adds to the creepiness of the track. Pretty cool.

Intelligent- "Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessary reward intelligence."


Cool sample heralds the bass line and is that a goa type melody? I think so. So I venture from the forest and into the sunshine. But something is wrong. The sun burns my skin, as leads wrap themselves around me, cutting and tightening with each movement. I manage to escape briefly, and retreat into the forest. More synths chase me deeper into the thicket, and I am still on edge.
A minor key lead straight from the darkest forest toys with me as the sunshine is now a distant melody. I would call this twilight psy with a hint of goa. Great track!

Multi Pressure- Wailing winds float forlornly over a hyper and aggressive bass line that spawns a nimble lead. Other distorted leads join in, trying to pull me down. Groove factor high, I am bombarded with sticky acid. The break is an illusion as a wildly twisting lead whips with a frenzy, and is backed up by supporting synths. The percussive element adds to the funkiness and I am bouncing! As the track rises, another piano melody tries to cut through the thick, distorted synth line. Very psychedelic, as the track takes an even more ominous tone as it ends. Great track!

Lucky Strike- "Outside the village there is a swamp. A vast area of blue green mudfields. There are rumors that say the bayou is full of strange beings that hide in the mudpools. People call them the Swamp People because they never leave the swamplands."


In no time I am assaulted by acidic leads and a thunderous kick. Very groovy with quick, imaginative breaks. more leads jump in to add to my growing taste for evil. The leads become so sticky, so hot, that I cannot get near. The track speeds up right into a sample about the swamp people. Nobody ever sees them, but sometimes you can hear them gathering by the shore. This track descends into a dark themed madness but remains groovy. Good track!

Hide The Gold- Whirling leads whiz past my ears as the kick hammers forward. Dark, with a sample about the dark arts. Hmmm, I have heard that in a track before. As a female chants for release, alien leads swarm, covering all aspects of light. A lead near the end gets mangled, as the aliens return. This is pure power with no hope for escape. Pretty good track!

Reduced Signal- "I don't know. Most people want to die in their sleep I suppose. Never know what happened. I prefer to know in advance."


The distorted voice sample walks above the hammering bass line as a metallic lead rages onward. It is soon joined by more ear piercing, scratchy leads. At the break, the beat drops out, but then kinda rises as it seems to get filtered. The madness continues making this a very dark track. Kinda boring for me, with no real melody to focus on.

Purple Haze- Marijuana theme song! The dark bass line thumps underneath a far away voice that comes in and out. When the leads come in (and there are many) it gets kinda crazy. Then the melody fights forward and takes control with effects flying all over the place. Good groove at this point, that's for sure. Pretty good track!

The Explorer - It is now time to explore with LSD. The beat pumps with scratchy leads making a racket in the background. Another voice sample that is distorted, and the track races on at a very high speed. A very imaginative "quick break" gets me back into the action with a funky lead. The effects sound good with slight splashes of acid here and there. More powerful dark music is what this is.

Stereo Sushi- Effects usher in a bass line as breathy synths exhale, laser washes moving blissfully over the track. Radio frequency effects twist as leads rip all around. Acid, buckets and buckets of acid, are dumped liberally over me, as lasers fire to finish the job. In the background, very faintly you can hear what sounds like machinery being mangled. Even more creepy sounds add to the rhythm and melody making this track so powerful. Great track!

Razors and Ice Cream- Now normally I would say this combination doesn't mix. This track builds power with more metallic leads and another aggressive bass line. It is true insanity, with acid and leads all vying for the same airspace. The track really takes off after the 2 minute mark a a sinister melody begins to take shape. No chance to catch your breath, with very inventive psuedo breaks as the beat continues to hammer. Another lead shifts to the forefront and Tommy ends with probably the most powerful song on the disc. Awesome track!

Conclusion: This is a dark and very deep release. With great groove and an innumerable amount of sounds this disc powers its way through you mind. What I've always liked about Tommy's music is that even though it is dark and extremely psychedelic, it stays away from the pitfalls of a lot of dark music that makes it inaccessible to a lot of folks. This disc has melody and a groove that constantly changes. It never becomes monotonous or so loud and abrasive that you have to turn it off. There are a lot of layers to his tracks that give all of them a full feeling. Although only a couple blew me away, this is the type of release that gets better with repeated listens. I will be the first to admit, you have to be in the mood for this type of music. But once you are ready to take the plunge it will treat you to a very nice trip. Well done. 8.2/10


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Pretty intense

I like this stuff, big surprise

Psychadelic music, this is what they wanted to do: PSY!!!

Welcome To Knutby is really fun to listen all way through, im happy about this cd A must listen this year


7.8123/10 :D How do you come up with such a excapt number? ;)
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